Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gandhi Commemoration Issues (1969)

This post might be disliked by many of the visitors here because this blog has been all about comics, but now I have decided to post non-comics related post here too.

Hope you friends will support the initiative, and I promise that it will not replace the original motif of the blog - our beloved comics.

In 1969 on the occasion of birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi ji - Gandhi Commemoration issues of all the running denomination (Rs. 1, 2, 5,10, 100) were released in India. By that time Rs. 20 & Rs. 50 were not started.

Here is a sneak peak of those issues.

Note - Images are meant for information purposes only.


TPH said...

I'll tell you what these denominations meant to me, in 1982.
1) A bal pocket book, don't remember the publisher but the format was almost square sized.
2) Latest issue of Indrajal Comics + a creamy pastry. Also Sometimes a bottle of my favourite 'Gold Spot' soft drink.
3) Three issues of Rajan Ikbal pocket books by S.C. Bedi. Rs 1.50 was the regular price but one or two issues in each set were priced Rs 2.
4) Three issues of Diamond Comics in various combinations. ankur costed Rs 3 while others were Rs 3.50.
5) Full course books for the year plus required stationary.

Comic World said...

Anupam Bhai very nice,informative and a welcome off-topic post which in my opinion one should post occasionally to add variety and colors in blog.The sight of these notes seen and felt in childhood brings back those soothing memory associated with these notes.
I encourage you to bring more such posts in future.

Anupam said...

Dear TPH,
Very nice...

And what they cost now a days are -
1)Rs. 100
2)Rs. 300
3)Rs. 500
4)Rs. 500
5)Rs. 2500

Value of something increases when the get older...Right!!!

Anupam said...

Zaheer Bhai,
Its always a nice feeling to read your comments here and equally greatful to you for supporting the initiative of adding new dimension to the blog contents.

Certainly I am planning to write and one has been already posted which you must have seen about the 1000 Rs, bank notes of India.

I am planning to share information about 5000 and 10000 rs. bank notes too very soon here in the blog.

Anonymous said...

anupam bhai i have that 10rs. note