Friday, April 2, 2010

Hans Christian Andersen - 205th Birthday

Its Good Friday Friends,
A celebrated day in Christian Community, But to a great co-incident today is also one of the most celebrated day to the whole world and religion, as one of the greatest story-teller was born on this day - 2nd April in 1875.

Hans Christian Anderson - Is there anyone who have not grown up reading his stories. Probably not - who can forget the evergreen fairy tales like - The Snow Queen, The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Little Match Girl...

This is only a particle of the great works produced by this Denmark born storyteller. Still his stories have the same charm and popularity as they used to have when they were written with a whole lot of TV, Movies, Comics, Merchandise and other adoptations...

So, on this birthday, lets offer our heartiest tribute to the legendery story teller of all time - Hans Christian Anderson...

To know more about him please visit article on Wikipedia
To download his great work in 1875 book see Post on this Blog
The ultimate place to visit for his works in e-format visit Here

So bless this great day and read one of the finest fairy tales in the world, today, right now.


PBC said...

Thanks! I was not aware about his birthday. O
Tonight I watched Cinderella (a adopted variant, only in modern days)on TV.

gaurav said...

nicely written, i remember reading his story tranlated in hindi in nandan,(10 or more years back) it also had a very informative comic style wrieup on the great writer

Anupam said...

Prabaht - Welcome Prabhat, I knew his birthday but it slipped through my mind. It was Google Logo, which reminded me of the great day.

Gaurav - Yes, I have read that one and believe I still has that one issue. I will locate tomorrow and upload that 4 pages illustrations if possible