Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gotham Comics - Superman Adventures (Big) - Issue #01 (English)

Hello Friends,
Today most of us will be busy and excited to watch the semi-finals between the Indian and Australian Cricket Team in the battle to take position in the Final.

Lets hope the better would win.

For the comics part, here is the first debut issue of Superman Adventures, a modern style illustrative series which I am not at all fond of. The mighty Superman, is the only reason I collect and read this series.

But, anyway for a comics lover, it is a must to read for being a debut series.

(High Quality - High Resolution uploads)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gotham Comics - Superman Big (Hindi) #03 - Rahasya Khul Gaya

Superman has always been my most favorite character in comics universe. Though I love down-to-Earth stories, for some strange reason I am always fascinated by him. 

I have secured almost all the Big Size Superman issues published by Gotham Comics, and wanted to share them here on the blog, but..... you know :-)

Anyway. today on the auspicious day of the start of the Chaitra Navaratra, presenting an exciting issue in High Quality format. (Check to see for yourself)

So, Here is issue no. #03 - Rahasya Khul Gaya (रहस्य खुल गया)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine Day - A New Blog Dedicated to Love & Romance Stories in Picture

Its the time of the year again - its the occasion of Valentine's Day - A day dedicated to the soft and pleasant feeling of love. 

To celebrate the day and my love for comics - I have created a wonderful blog - a blog to cherish the many sides and faces of love and passion with great stories by the brilliant artists of the world - a blog to celebrate what we know as Romance Comics. A blog where you can download and read comics dedicated to love and romance from various publications and variety of series/titles.

The journey has just been started and it has to go a long long way....

So, if you are in love; visit the new place to share with your Valantine - 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

डायमंड कॉमिक्स (मिनी) २२ - राजन इकबाल और वैज्ञानिक का अपहरण

डायमंड मिनी कॉमिक्सों को हाथ में लेकर पढना मेरे लिए हमेशा एक अद्भुत अनुभव रहा है. छोटे साइज़ की यह किताबें बड़ी प्यारी लगती थी. 

इसलिए कुछ दिन पहले जब मिश्रा जी ने दो डायमंड मिनी कॉमिक्स मुझे भेजी, तो एक चीज़ जो बिलकुल क्लियर थी वो ये कि अब जब भी पोस्ट करूँगा सबसे पहले इन्हें ही पोस्ट करना है.

तो प्रस्तुत है डायमंड मिनी कॉमिक्स अंक 22 - राजन इकबाल और वैज्ञानिक का अपहरण. 
कथानक - अश्वनी 'आशू'
चित्रांकन - सुरेन्द्र सुमन 

डाउनलोड करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Sunday, January 11, 2015

जासूसी दुनिया (हिंदी) - ८८ वां अंक - फाँसी का फंदा (उपलब्ध)

जबसे मैंने ब्लॉग शुरू किया है तब से लेकर आज तक किसी भी पोस्ट ने इतनी प्रतिक्रियाएं नहीं देखी जितनी जासूसी दुनिया के मेरे एकमात्र अपलोड ने. आज भी मैं कोई भी बुक पोस्ट करूँ, ब्लॉग स्टैट्स में यही पोस्ट पहले नंबर पे सर्वाधिक देखी गयी पोस्ट होती है. सालों के बाद भी हर नए अपलोड पर भारी.

तो इस बार बड़ी हिम्मत जुटा कर एक और जासूसी दुनिया की है. सौ से ऊपर पृष्ठों को स्केन कर एडिट करना मुझ जैसे आराम पसंद इंसान के लिए बहुत मुश्किल काम रहा पर आखिरकार काम पूरा हो सका.

मैं सभी दोस्तों और जासूसी दुनिया के चाहने वालों से माफ़ी चाहूँगा कि इतना लम्बा इंतज़ार मैं आप सभी को कराया. आशा करता हूँ जासूसी दुनिया का ये अंक आपको पसंद आएगा. 
जासूसी दुनिया ८८ - फाँसी का फंदा (High Resolution ) - 48 MB
जासूसी दुनिया ८८ - फाँसी का फंदा (Low Resolution ) - 19 MB

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Diamond Mini Comics - Lamboo-Motu aur Masoom Khooni

As promised and thankfully this time as per I planned, here is another Diamond Mini comics from the brave teen duo - Lamboo and Motu. 

डायमंड मिनी कॉमिक्स - लम्बू-मोटू और मासूम ख़ूनी 
Few words of caution - please don't get any idea from the title, as the title is completely stupid and criminally ignorant because the comics is about a dictator who invented and tested his fatal killing gas on innocent people including women and children. 

What kind of insane person would call such a man 'Masoom' 

Plus the artwork is also not that bad as the front cover. I feel that it had been a practice to use worse covers and misleading titles for many comics in the later time. Though from a prestigious publisher like DC it is a shame. Here is the sample page from inside -

Anyway the story is worth a read for comics genre. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Diamond Mini Comics - Pinki Ki Chitthi (पिंकी की चिट्ठी)

The second of the planned uploads for the Holiday Season.

Here is the sweet and mischievous Pinki by the Legendary Late Pran Kumar Sharma Ji.

डायमंड मिनी कॉमिक्स - पिंकी की चिट्ठी 

Click here to download the comics

IE Comics - The Adventures of Donald Duck (Eng) #36 - Bear Patrol

After a long-long absence from the scene (again), I planned to post few comics during Christmas and New Year; but failed to do so.

But as they better late than never, here is first of the uploads which meant to be posted a long time ago. 

Indian Express & Egmont Comics - Walt Disney's The Adventures of Donald Duck (English) # 36 - Bear Patrol.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Monday, October 27, 2014

Chandamama Book Shelf Comics Series (1980s)

The publishers of Chandamama brought to Indian readers some of the very best of Disney's as Book shelf series which featured complete story lines from Disney's movies and stories in the early 1980s.

The first issue was The Jungle Book, which follows by a number of great titles.

Below is a list of some issues I have come across surfing through the net -
1. The Jungle Book
2. The Black Hole
3. Return from Witch Mountain*
4. A Tiger Walks
5. In Search of the Castaways
6. Peter Pan
7. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
8. Walt Disney's Legendary Hero - Zorro
9. Cinderella
10. The Fox and the Hound*
11. Walt Disney's Legendary Hero - Zorro (Second Issue)
12. Sleeeping Beauty

* Serials may be exchanged with each-other.

I have a reason to believe that these are the 12 issues which were published as Book Shelf Series, as after a long long search through my collection and the internet I haven't found any other title.

Anyone knows further details please share...