Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Diamond Comics/ Pocket Books Removed

We all have been trying our best to preserve our childhood love - Our comics. In this blog, I have never shared any comics which are still in publication. I tried to preserve those which are not being published for a long-long time. 

But, today morning I saw some comments from Diamond Comics Digital India, in which they asked to remove the contents.

As they are the soul owner of the comics, and if they are starting publishing them, so there is no need to share those on the blog, hence removing all the Diamond Pocket Books materials. 

Hope, they will soon start printing them on paper for us to cherish forever.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Ganga Chitrakatha (S) 61 - Achheram Lachheram Bechare Ugravadi

Presenting a very rare comics from the Ganga Chitrakatha - 

#61 - Achheram Lachheram Bechare Ugravadi. 
गंगा चित्रकथा (S) 61 - अच्छेराम लच्छेराम बेचारे उग्रवादी 

Share your views on this one...

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Chunnu Comics - Lal Bujhakkad aur Dande Ka Kamaal

Presenting a rare Chunnu Comics for your reading delight. 

I wanted to post this comics long before, but it was misplaced. Now while sorting and arranging my comics collection finally got it. So sharing with you another fun story of Lal Bujhakkad. (Originally from Prabhat Chitrakatha)- 

Chunnu Comics - Lal Bujhakkad aur Dande Ka Kamaal

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tulsi Comics #24 - Machini Maanav

तुलसी कॉमिक्स #24 - मशीनी मानव 
It has been a long-long time since I have scanned and  uploaded any Tulsi Comics, and thankfully most of Tulsi have already been uploaded. But this one comics is a rarity (don't know why), as I have not seen it uploaded in any place. Also I have found some friends searching for this one, thus decided to scan and share.

so here is the 24th issue of Tulsi Comics - Machini Maanav for your reading pleasure.