Thursday, February 23, 2017

Jackie Chan's Spartan X: The Armour of Heaven #3 (1997)

And finally the concluding part of the three-issues mini series - Armour of Heaven featuring the Jackie Chan. 

Here is the third and concluding issue of the series 

(Thanks to Original Uploader...stay blessed)


Ravi Kumar said...

Thanks a lot Anupam bhai in the last pages jackie chan is mentioned in cannonball run movies Do watch these 2 series movies which r real fun to watch
Crookbond aur car race seems to have been inspired by it

Anupam Agrawal said...

Thanks Ravi Kumar Bhai for your precious comment.

I have watched the first part of the mad movie - Cannonball run and it was great.

Abhishek Bardhan said...

Thanxs a lot anupam bhai..