Friday, April 8, 2016

DC Comics - Demolition Man Comics Adaptation of the Warner Bros Movie (4 Parts Mini Series)

Demolition Man is a 1993 American science fiction action film directed by Marco Brambilla with Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes in lead roles. 

The film tells the story of two men: an evil crime lord and a risk-taking police officer. Cryogenically frozen in 1996, they are restored to life in the year 2032 to find mainstream society changed and all crime seemingly eliminated.

This is the DC comics adaptation of this Warner Bros Movie in Four Part Mini Series. I found the scanned copy the series while surfing the net yesterday. The scans are in low resolution but readable.

So, download and enjoy. Thanks to the original uploader.



braj indra said...

thank you anupam bhai for making it avl at your site

Abhishek Bardhan said...

thanxs Anupam bro..

Gaurav Gandher said...

Nice one, Thanks