Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gotham Comics - Superman Big (Hindi) #03 - Rahasya Khul Gaya

Superman has always been my most favorite character in comics universe. Though I love down-to-Earth stories, for some strange reason I am always fascinated by him. 

I have secured almost all the Big Size Superman issues published by Gotham Comics, and wanted to share them here on the blog, but..... you know :-)

Anyway. today on the auspicious day of the start of the Chaitra Navaratra, presenting an exciting issue in High Quality format. (Check to see for yourself)

So, Here is issue no. #03 - Rahasya Khul Gaya (रहस्य खुल गया)


Vidyadhar said...

Thanks a lot Anupam bhai :)

Gaurav Gandher said...

Thanks a lot Bro for this rare wonder.

Abhishek Bardhan said...

Thanxs a lot Anupam bhai.. really a rare one..