Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Superman & Wonder Woman - Whom Gods Destroy Book I - The Dream (Pat 01 of 04)

For the last few months tried hard to collect Superman comics in physical format (hard copy or printed books), but failed miserably due to ridiculous price and exchange demands. So I shifted my attention towards soft or scanned copies. 

In my pursuit, I found many of the great books still online, but also what I should call unfortunate events, many of the shared comics links are not working anymore (as the files get deleted by the hosting service after some time if found inactive). I planned to share and reupload those comics which are still available with me to create mirrors and more convenient and friendly hosting service Mediafire. 

In this ambitious project - I am presenting the collaboration of two of the most powerful superheroes ever - Superman and Wonder Woman - in a limited series of four books published - Whom Gods Destroy.

Here is the Book I - The Dream 

Note - Not my upload. Thanks to the original uploader