Thursday, May 1, 2014

7th Birthday Celebration - Star (IBH) - Superman Hindi 02-17

Second offering for today's Birthday Celebration is my most loved and cherished character - Superman

I have seen many Indian reprints of Superman but no one inspired me more than Star IBH Comics' version. Here is one of such comics in the best scan and edit quality I can produce.

Scanned and Edited in HIGH QUALITY


HojO said...

where is the p/w bhai??

Anupam Agrawal said...

For all my latest uploads the password is -

'ICE Project'

Note: Please care about the CAPS and smalls, and there is a space between two words.

Anurag said...

Happy 7th anniversary anupam.
Anurag Dixit

3d said...

thanks bhai this hindi superman is best

Gaurav Gandher said...

Thanks for one more Star comic