Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tulsi Comics For Sale/Exchange

Dear Friends,
I have around 100+ Tulsi comics which I want to sale only to real comics collector and not to the profit minded comics books vendors.  (no offense, its just my choice).
I will put the complete list of comics for the sale offers here in a day or two. Anyone willing to buy the collection can contact me in one of these methods - 

[1] Call me directly on 81034-86060
[2] Send me an e-mail regarding the queries on -
[3] Put a comment here on this very post.

The List is prepared and a rough snapshots of them are available for sneak preview of the conditions and covers.

For Exchange - I need only Chitrabharti or Manoj Chitrakatha BIG Size.


Jamboo Comics - 01

Jamboo Comics - 02

Mr. India

All Heroes Except - Jamboo / Mr. India

MISC. 01

MISC. 02

MISC. 03

MISC. 04

MISC. 05

MISC. 06

MISC. 07


Gaurav Gandher said...

Anupam Bro. I'm interested, please let me know the price and quantity. basically I'm interested in Tausi Angara and Jambu ones as these are from the few which I'm collecting.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Anupam jee, It is a great initiative You had done. How ever I am at present not interested in Tulsi Comics but eager to see the list of that.

HojO said...

@Anupam : I am interested in buying some issues,after going through your list that you will provide,as I don't have a single issue of this series..

Sent a mail aswell...

Anupam Agrawal said...


The List and covers are shared for you to choose. However I would love that someone would take the lot. There are about 150 Comics in total which I can sell for 2000/-.

Or for 30 Big Sized MCKs or Chitrabharti which I am missing. Don't worry I have many of them missing, so if you have any please share the title of the comics here.

Anupam Agrawal said...

These comics are asked by Gaurav Bhai - so please do not ask for them.

7 अंगारा की जंग अंगारा
16 आजादी की जंग अंगारा
40 अंगारा खतरे में अंगारा
410 अंगारा और चार्ली का भूत अंगारा
526 अंगारा और चार्ली का चाचा अंगारा
143 जम्बू का जवाब जम्बू
652 जंगल में दंगल जम्बू
757 जम्बू और टोरो जम्बू
769 जम्बू बना फ़रिश्ता जम्बू
845 ऑपरेशन ताकसाकी जम्बू

Anupam said...

Dear Anupam,

Do you have old Amar Chitra Katha (ACK) in Hindi.If yes, please provide me the details. I'm eager to buy them.

Anupam Chaturvedi

raj malhotra said...

Hi Anupam can u post Machini manav.I have seen that in u r collection
I had this comic in my childhood.Thanks in advance

Sameer Sangit said...

Hi sir .if available I want to buy all .I have no any issues.thanks

Sameer Sangit said...

Hi sir .if available I want to buy all .I have no any issues.thanks

Sameer Sangit said...

Hi sir .I want to buy all. Whatever is available.