Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thrilling Adventures in Stamp Comics # 05 (June 1952)

Thrilling Adventures in Stamp Comics was a unique concept adopted by the Stamp Comics Inc. from Ohio. This unique idea aims at saying the story associated with a certain stamp's theme. Stamps are used throughout the world and apart from general issues they also celebrates some events, personality or place. 

The publishers selected stamps on War or Revolt themes and in brief yet interesting comics form, we are told the story about the featured theme.

This is the 5th issue of the publication and tells the story of many wars and revolts - each with the image of stamps which celebrated them at the very top.

Published 61 years before in 1952 this great vintage comics deserves much respect with the person/team who helped to preserve it forever.

A comics to be loved by both the comics lovers and the philatelist.  

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