Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The ICE Project Games - Level 1

Dear Indian Comics Lovers,

It has been years since I started. In this meantime I have tried many things. I shared comics, Magazines, Bal Pockets and other stuffs. I started the ICE Project to showcase and create an information base on Indian Comics (though not that successful). I also tried my hands on few other topics (which are now ignored by me completely).

Few days ago for my child's education, I started learning Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) because I found all the basic tutorials of Nursery learning were only for English Language and not for Hindi. I knew they were made with Flash so I thought to give it a simple try. 

Though I have not found so for any great book to teach me detailed coding of Flash's Action Script, I searched exhaustively on net and learned some of the coding. 

When working on educational project, one though occur to my mind - "Why not create something for the ICE Project too!!!" Certainly its not possible to make moving or RPG games for a new learner with lack of time and resource. So I thought to create some simple fun games with Indian Comics as a theme.

So, here is the first installment - 
A simple game - if you are a comics lover - you must be knowing the great initial issues of Super Commando Dhruva. But do you know the correct order.. Play the game and share your scores with us. Honestly.

Note - One little bug is - sometimes the placed image does not work properly. So you may have to try 2-3 times. Though it only happen few times. Not a problem with scripting may be something else. But lets try and share....

If you will like this NEW APPROACH taken by me, I will work for further levels - 


Shivkumar Vaishnaw said...

The Game is not working, right.

Anupam Agrawal said...

Why? I have tested the game before and after playing and still it is.

Yes, the problem is with drop issue, sometimes proper drop of cover also comes back. I am working on to resolve the issues.

And also the error appears less then 5% times only.

Akshay said...

please share hindi magazines from golden era like Parag, Dharmyug,etc.