Thursday, June 13, 2013

One Mega Blog - Merging all the blogs in one place.

Now planning to merge all the distributed works at one place - to the first original blog I have created for sharing the love and information on Indian comics.

The problem is in my limited time its not possible to post something in all the places every week or so. So even if I do post anything in a week and work in rotation in various blogs, its about more than a month I revisit each of them. 

So, from now on all the works will be on a single blog, so that it would be active and update in timely interval. 

Apart from this blog, I will continue in the ICE Project FaceBook Page at - 

BTW, How is the new Logo celebrating the idea of a place for all. For me this is the best logo I have ever designed for any of my blogs or beyond.


VM said...

Super Like

Anupam Agrawal said...

Thanks VM Ji,

I have really worked very hard to create this header.

Nishad said...

Anupam Bhai,
Its a great idea to create single blog for all Indian comic types.
I really appreciate this idea.
This will also solve the dead links problem.

Anonymous said...

nice header.