Friday, December 7, 2012

Chitra Bharti Kathamala Chocolate #1

Chitra Bharti Kathamala was one of the most inspiring though short-lived comics publication in India showcasing the talents of Anupam Sinha and Sukhwant Kalsi Ji. 

The comics magazine offered by the publication was named a Chocolate and in the true sense of its name the magazine was extremely sweet and was full of various flavours.

The magazine covered almost all the characters from the Chitra Bharti Kathamala universe (perhaps except Space Star Series). Like - 

Chocolate (Sukhwant)
Private Detective Kapil (Anupam Sinha)
Junior James Bond (Sukhwant)
Chandru (Sukhwant)
Master Ji (Sukhwant)
and other stories written and illustrated by this geniuses.

So lets start the exploration of this precious comics magazine with its very first issue depicting all the above five characters and 3 seperate stories from Anupam Sinha Ji.

Spanning in the massive 48 pages unlike for big size comics.

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shivkumar said...

Thanks, Anupam Bhai, So nice of you to search & Upload those rare gems for us & with dedication shown by you, parishi, Sagar Bhai & All those comics lovers.... Mere jaise kai users ko Aisi Comics/Magazine dekhne ko bhi Mili

Gaurav Gandher said...

Thanks bro