Friday, October 7, 2011

Madhu Muskan Comics - Popat Chaupat Chale Asiad

Have a warm and pleasant Festive season Dear Friends, 

Finally back to my PC and online life after being away for almost 2-3 months (as I told before that the place I am living currently does not have broadband facility). Well, now when I am back to home for Deepawali, I am planning to atleast cover my absence by throwing a huge comics bonanza all month long (till my vacation here).

So, starting with the first one this Deepawali - 
A rare Madhu Muskan Comics featuring the laugh riot duo - Popal Chaupat (पोपट चौपट ), and the title is Popal Chaupat Chale Asiad (पोपट चौपट चले एशियाड )

The story and artwork have been done by the respected Jagdish Bharti ji, whereas the Calligraphy & color scheme have been handled by Harish M. Sudan Ji.


3d said...

welcome.a nice comics .madhumuskan is my favourite.

PBC said...

Thanks! It's one of my favorite comics. It was released before Delhi Asiad 1982.

Anupam said...

3D - Welcome to the blog brother. Stay tuned all this month for great vintage comics.

Anupam said...

Prabhat Bhai - Glad to hear from a great comics lovers. Yes, it was like a tribute to the Delhi Asiad. Loved the story and funny illustrations.

AJAY said...

Dear Anupam

Just saw your post . Great one . Had read this one , that time I was in my 9th Standard . We loved these ones .

Seeing your post after a long gap , hope more to come from you .

gaurav said...

a grt upload
thanks anupam