Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IJC426[Hindi]-Agnibala (Mike Nomad)

The Indrajal Saga is about to start again in my comics' universe. After a long-long gape and concentrating on the true Indian comics, I have decided to share my help in preservation of the Hindi Indrajal Comics too. From now on get ready to have the dose of Indrajal Comics here too (along with the IJC Mega blog) - though I will only share Hindi Indrajal Comics. English IJC's are greatly and exhaustively being handled by  Prabhat Bhai and team.

Strangely no comments since morning - though considering the comments now sharing blogs are getting its not a surprise. Anyway here is the link to download -



Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Your decision is most welcome. Quite a few people are waiting for Hindi IJCs.

Anupam said...

Thanks Venkit,
I didn't know that still a lot of Hindi IJCs are yet not uploaded. I just hope to be regular with the sharing.

PBC said...
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PBC said...

Welcome back to IJC blogging!

You swiched to other rare hindi comics (almost same time I started sharing Indrajal only).

When I found IJC blogs in 2007. There were few. Remember those days well,per day checked this blog for new numbers.

There are relatively less Hindi readers, however last days demand for Hindi IJC is rising.

As you are back also, the victory day is nor far. We can celebrate "all Hindi IJCs are avilable at net". I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

This post shows your class anu bro
now you are in your real mettle

akfunworld said...

Thanks anupam bro for this comics. I remember reading this comics at my friends house but wasn't having this in my collection and now thanks to you i got this comics in my collection to.
Your decision to upload Hindi indrajal is very good as all English Indrajal comics are available online but a lot of Hindi Indrajal's are still to be posted.
I haope with you deciding to upload Hindi Indrajal the work to upload all Indrajal in Hindi will be done at faster rate.
Again thanks for this comics.

Anonymous said...

It is nice that you have started Hindi IJCs.They need some more space and attention.
I am eagerly waiting for more to come.