Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chitra Bharti Kathamala 29 [E] - Architect of Freedom Moti Lal Nehru

Today, when the Congress along with its allied parties in the UPA Govenment have become a symbolism of corruption, its a nice feeling to look back at the glorious and respectable leaders of the Golden days of the Congress Party. 

Today's comics is about one such pioneer leader - Late Shree Moti Lal Nehru, from my most loved comic publication - Chitra Bharti Kathamala.

Presenting today the 29th issue of Chitra Bharti Kathamala - Architect of Freedom Moti Lal Nehru.

Hope you will like it...Download from the link below


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Well, nepotism is nothing new in the Congress. If you go into details of the back door dealings and back-stabbing that took place during our freedom struggle, this man Motilal Nehru was one of the greatest examples of nepotism.

Many of those who grew disillusioned with the way Jawaharlal Nehru was groomed to become the leader of the Congress by Mahatma Gandhi, have mentioned about how Motilal impressed upon Gandhi to push Jawaharlal over equally brilliant leaders like Netaji, Sardarji etc.

It might seem like I have forgotten about all his greatness and harped on his shortcoming. But the problem with history taught in India is that these people are not treated as human beings with human failings. Rather they are treated as demi-gods.

Anupam said...

@Venkitachalam -
Equally true and almost agree with whatever you have said. Everyman has his shortcomings, his weakness with his strength, his evil with his good. But its also true that these leaders have a little human in them with the political virus craving within, but considering the today's most politicians (some may still be not that ominous), they are certainly like demi-gods. At least few of them really deserve respects from us.

Also, the motive to taught history is to present a life-sketch to follow, hence its a simple concept of hiding the negative things. Not right way but still a better way as they say - "find the better in a person" rather than seeing only the dark side of him.

Anonymous said...

you too anupam ? architect of freedom !! pls spare us! these kind of comics are another propaganda tool for that slimy family!! that family has a job for life from which they couldn’t be fired :-(