Monday, May 23, 2011

June 2011 Posts Preview

I have always tried to post something which are not very common and most of the time I find the great pleasure to post the first one from the entire publication and series. Hope atleast one of the posts will be the very first on the net from the publication house. 

Anyway, here are the preview for June 2011 -

Pepsodent Promotion - Pappu & Pappa Germ Attack 2
सनसनीखेज चोरी (कॉमिक्स आनंद 05 )

टार्ज़न  का बेटा 46 (किरण कॉमिक्स)

Tumtum - 48 Pages Massive Comics Magazine (One of the BEST one I have Ever Seen)
So Keep visiting for varieties of uploads


akfunworld said...

Anupam Bhai thanks for giving some preview of your upcoming uploads.Now i am eagerly awaiting for these comics, specially for Sansanikhez Chori and Tarzan ka Beta.

In case you didn't read my comment in your last post, here i am again giving you name of 3 more comics publications which are not there in your comics publication list. They are-
Bhartiya Chitrakatha, Vikram Chitra katha and Naveen comics.

I have also uploaded images of these comics which you can see by pasting below link in your address bar-

Pratik Jain said...

इन कामिक्स का बेसब्री से इंतजार रहेगा

The Devil said...

Will look forward for all of them

Anonymous said...

do you mind not advertising for pepsodent or srk post smthing worthwhile instead and nt waste your time we have enough multinational company advertiser here