Saturday, May 21, 2011

Chitra Bharti Kathamala 19 - The Serpent Girl

The preserved gem for today is again from my most sought after publication - Chitra Bharti Kathamala Comics - Issue No. 19 - The Serpent Girl

Story in Brief - 
A childless couple suddenly find themselves blessed with two sons - though none of their own. One is a boy child presented secretly by the wife's sister, whereas the other is from a cow Rama, who has eaten the blessed mango meant to be eaten by the woman herself. The cow child has the body of the man but the head of a cow. Who turns out to be a good son?

The story involves a girl with the head of a serpent and carrying a fabulous jewel to bless the people of the dark jungle with the light from her jewel. 

Who is this serpent-girl?
What happens to the half-man and half-cow child?
What situations the mystery and might of jewel created?

Why not read the comics and find out for yourself...


The Devil said...

Thanks mate. Was looking for something new for a long time.

akfunworld said...

Thanks bro for one more gem from Chitrabharti. Really appreciate all hard work you are doing for preserving of these comics.
I have a question for yo in mind?
Why did you stopped your blog which you have completely dedicated to 'Anupam Sinha ji'.I was expecting some more of his unknown works there. But suddenly you have decided to close that blog.

Anupam said...

@Devil -welcome bro. I have so many blogs and comics related activities like collecting comics and information on the related, I find lesser time to scan and post new comics.

Anyway Have scanned 4 comics already to post. So in quick succession new comics will be posted.

Anupam said...

akfunworld Brother, one more gem of Chitra Bharti is soon uploaded. Scanning is completed. Also there are 3 more books comics very soon. All are rare and uncommon (and perhaps not a single one of them have yet been uploaded too)

About the blog, I had to close. As almost all the visitors come to this blog frequently and rarely they visit my other blogs. so after each post in other blogs I have to make an announcement here else almost no visitors were found there (take for instance the ICE Project blog). so I have decided not to scattered things at many places when I have to make an entry for the same in this blog too. btw, Also planning to delete 'The Bal Pocket Books Blog' too. But due to Manoj Pandey Bhai have pending my idea.

Keep visiting.

Anonymous said...

good work anupam

Indian Comics said...

अनुपम भाई गौरव गाथा Comics में एक कॉमिक ''वीर सावरकर'' प्रकाशित हुई थी .....अगर आप या किसी और के पास हो तो ज़रूर पोस्ट करे ..या फिर usman .max @gmail .com पर सूचित करे

Comic World said...

Its good to see you in form after a long time Anupam Bhai.I agree with you that instead of getting things(read blogs) scattered and messed up at many places its better to have one blog where all related information could be placed.
I understand very well that in the heat of the moment and over enthusiasm we tend to announce/open multiple blogs but its very tedious to manage them all with equal priority,and that may also be the reason behind deletion of blog in my name too created by you..;)
Acha,tell me one thing that whether very first issue of CBK has been posted at net or not...if not,then i will be trying to post its initial 2-3 issues.

Anupam said...

Anon - Thanks brother. Welcome always.

Usman Bhai - Best of luck for the cover of 'Veer Sawarkar'. :-)

Anupam said...

Its good to see you in form after a long time Anupam Bhai.

I didn't understand when was I missing. Zaheer Bhai, not posting comics can never be taken as not working for blogs/comics. Perhaps you have taken into account the last comics posted here and overlooked the rest.

This is the 5th month and till now 11 comics have been uploaded. Plus 7 Articles have been posted (should I mention that writing a single article takes much much higher time and dedication than merely posting the comics).

Then in just 5 months 19 posts (+ 2 more coming this month) means atleast 4 posts each month i.e. one post each week. Phew!!! Was I out of form this year. No!!! Absolutely Not!!

Here I am not counting the albums I have created of Artist and their works on Facebook. So a whole tiresome works are going on and its more than I can really imagined.

About the various blogs, its right that not many blogs should be created but when I created I thought I would have help with Bal Pocket and more especially with ICE Project, but Alas, no one is here to help (except Manoj Bhai). We all are un-united. And its really a sad thing.

And of the first three, 1st 'Jai Bharat' is not posted (I think), second is posted by Parishi (in english), third I have already scanned (in Hindi).

Wish to have the first issue very soon from you.

Old Man Mozz said...

Hi Anupam,

Can you please repost this comic ? The Mediafire link says that the file is invalid or deleted. THANKS