Monday, April 11, 2011

Parashuram Sharma

I don't know where is Mr. Parashuram Sharma?, but yesterday when I got a novel of him. I felt a sudden urge to write something on this legendary novelist and comics writer. 

Like most of the great artists of our Indian comics industry almost nothing is known about the life of this great personality. What we have is his works, so we will remember and get to know him with his works.

Mr. Parashuram Sharma has been a prolific crime thriller writer of Indian pulp fiction. He has written highly popular novels for many publication Houses like Priya Pocket Books, Janta Pocket Books, Nutan Pocket Books etc.

Here is a brief list of his fiction works - 

  • अजनबी लाशें
  • हर खेल है दौलत का
  • खून का बवंडर
  • पिस्तौल खाली है
  • जलती है दुनिया जलने दे
  • जैकाल
  • मर्डर स्पेसिलिस्ट
  • खून का बदला खून
  • खेल खेल में खून
  • जागते रहो खतरा है
  • जब खून किसी का होता है
  • मेरी बन्दूक मेरा खुदा
  • मुजरिम फरार है
  • स्ट्रगलर हसीना और ब्लेक मेल
  • ग्रे हाउंड एक्सप्रेस में खून
  • हाइवे के लुटेरे
  • जान की बाजी
  • इंतकाम के शोले
  • सस्ता खून महंगा पानी
  • अपना खून अपना दुश्मन
  • चोरों की बरात
  • दगाबाज
  • खतरा
  • डांका या फांका  

After his successful journey, he blessed the Indian Comics with a great line-up of great and iconic characters. 

Mahabali Dara   (Cheenu Chitrakatha)
Ram - Shyam (Cheenu Chitrakatha)         
Amrit (Neelam Chitrakatha)
Mr. X (Neelam Chitrakatha)
Tondu Bhondu (Neelam Chitrakatha)
Meghdoot (Nutan Comics)
Angara (Tulsi Comics)
Baaz (Tulsi Comics)
Mr. India (Tulsi Comics)
Nagraj (Raj Comics)
Bhediya (Raj Comics)

...There may be more characters I am not aware of. But the above list is adequate to show his greatness. Among these characters Nagraj, Angara and Meghdoot are/used to be the flagship titles of the respective comics.

Ironically, the great writer has not got much acclaimed and recognition in the comic industry. But its his works which speak for him. I salute the great personality. Just wish that he is all right and may be we can hear from him too. 

Anupam Agrawal   


Comic World said...

Anupam bhai i have heard a lot about Parshuram Sharma and might have read a couple of his novels too which were used to be catchy and fast paced.
Its nice to see at least some information about him here.

Toonfactory said...

Brilliant post Anupam Bhai...THis is for the first time we are getting to see Parshuram ji's pic. He used to stay in Meerut and I was supposed to get his address from someone when I visited Delhi in Feb. Magar baat bani nahin...agar kuchh pata chalta hai to I'll share the info with you...Thanks for posting made my day

Anupam said...

Jaheer Bhai - I am not fortunate for long to read any novel of Parashuram Ji, though I heard about him from my father, who is almost as crazy for novels as I am for the comics. Only last week I got a novel of him which I have just finished yesterday.

Though the information is not enough, I thought it would be great atleast to share them with the comic lovers.

Anupam said...

Alok Bhai - Its always feels nice to hear from you. The pic is really rare and I am fortunate to get it in the only novel of Parashuram Sharma ji I have got. Though its in very bad condition, hope someone with good knowledge of Photoshop will restore it.

It really a sad news that the meeting was not managed, but that's our great writers are. They love to live in peace and don't care that we love, respect and admire them. Only a handful are online and the rest are like mystery. its almost impossible to get details about almost 80% of our artists.

Thanks for the visit. Hope to bring more on the topic.

Anonymous said...

ANupam ji,

al though I was aware of, it was a surprising thing to note that nagraj has two creators . parshuram jis Nagraj is little more than a man, uses his will and intellect. New nagraj is super man. THe humane character parshuram ji created esp the sweet angara is time less..


Anonymous said...

I am also a big fan of Parshuram Sharma.

If anyone has any information about him please share.

I love reading his comics and novels.

Atleast Raj Comics should give credit to him for creation of Nagraj.

nash said...

i remember many of his tantra mantra series novels... those were brillient.. still remember 2 titles
"khoon barsega" and "agiya betal"
unfortunately i dont have those novels... but i want to buy it if somebody have it

Anonymous said...

Even i have searched in vain the internet for any info on Parshuram sharma ji.
Angara is among my favourite comics, and sadly, parshuram ji is THE most underrated author in tbe indian comix industry

Anonymous said...

I m his biggest fan..unke countless novels n comics pade h..unka novel series baaz " toh unforgettable n historical India hero tha. Un jesa writer India me koi nahi paida hua