Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meena - Diving the Mango आम का बँटवारा

Good Morning Friends, 

You must have seen the 'Meena' post on the ICE PROJECT BLOG. At the beginning I was just concerned with providing details on the iconic character from UNICEF. But now I would like to share few of the stories both in English and Hindi languages, as a combo offer :-)

For a teenager reader the stories may not appeal much, but for a younger kid they sure are a great way to get entertained, educated and socially aware. 

So starting the journey with the comic - Dividing the Mango (मीना - आम का बँटवारा ) 
The story targets the biased view that a boy should be provided more nutrition (food) than a girl child. Read the great offering from UNICEF as a comic book. 


Mohit Raghav said...

Thanks bro

Great Job

keep it up

The Devil said...

My kid will love it

phalguni said...

. there used to be a X-series,horror comics published by raj comics.the illustrations was done by Jolly sinha,although it looked like anupam sinha work.some comics i remember are-MASUM SHAITAN,BHOOT you have any idea about that??