Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Ancient Egyptians for Dummies (Charlotte Booth)

Ancient Egyptian Civilization is perhaps the most sought after and mysterious civilization of the world. The gigantic pyramids, strange sphinx, arts, sculptures, the mummification...and rest are the topics of everlasting discussion and amazement. 

The Early Egypt has always fascinated me and I have been searching and collecting materials for years over the net and the books - then I came across this one. The best thing about the book is its way of presentation - not written as an archeological document but written in the way of story telling in a lucid form. 

If you are curious and want to know about the most mystic civilization of the world - try it, you are sure to be spell bound. 

P.S. - I have found this e-book in a site (I really do not recall its name), try it as soft copy, but if you like and can afford to buy - kindly go for this one.

Download from MediaFire (10.5 MB - PDF)


akfunworld said...

Anupam bro,
Firstly i want to give you best wishes for your second child and may he always be healthy and happy and always bring smile on your face.
Now thanks for this book because i was having this book in one of my CD but lost it because that disc was corrupted. Now i can complete reading this book.
Thanks once again. and one thing i really loved your son's name.

Gaurav Gandher said...

Thanks Bro