Sunday, February 6, 2011


Dear Comic Lovers, 

A Mega Post on the celebrated Disney Today by Living Media Publication has just been posted in the ICE PROJECT Blog - Your trusty and unique source for the information of Indian Comics and Publishers. 
Few Covers from the MEGA DISNEY TODAY Post -


AJAY said...

Great efforts ! Anupam . Really you are doing which others find really very difficult .

Anupam said...

Dear Ajay,

It sure feels nice to read the first appreciation after a week long work of digging into details, collecting and scanning comic covers, and then to put all the materials as a post.

It certainly is a tedious and hectic work to do. Glad you liked it.

Thanks a lot for your praising words.

Astr said...

I recently found the blog and swear to God, i am so overwhelmed!
It's not possible to put in words to show the appreciation for your dedication and effort in this endeavour.

I wish i can speak to you somehow.. Will be quite an experience.
Looking forward to these lovely comic books. Disney today always have been a treat.. Hindi editions especially.