Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Archie's Love Showdown Special #01 (1994)

Archie's Love showdown special #01

The most sought after comic delight from the archie's comics publishers. The love triange between archie-betty-veronica has taken a new turn and now a new bomb-shell 'cheryl blossom' has entered the love battle.

To top that archie has chosen cheryl as her love interest, having fed-up with the neverending competition between betty and veronica. And in the later chapter .... That's a suspense.

Who wins the 'archie' - red headed guy? Well download and find out...

The story originally appeared in 4 parts in
Part 01 - Archie 429
Part 02 - Betty 19
Part 03 - Betty and Veronica 82
Part 04 - Veronica 39

Note - This is not my original scan. Thanks to the great person behind this preservation.

Download Archie's Love Showdown Special #01

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