Sunday, June 13, 2010

Choron Ka Baadshah (Raajan-Iqbal Series) by S.C.Bedi


Anupam said...

Dear Manoj,
I have re-edited the post to look proper. This is just to give a guideline, nothing else. If you don't like it, please tell me, would revert to the original one...

manoj said...

thanks a lot

kuldeepjain said...

hi manoj..

kudos to your efforts..when i saw the covers lots of memories become alive.. before turning to novel i have read so many bal pocket books and enjoyed lots of wonderful stories. with time i lost the interest in bal pocket book as they were not that popular than comics and hunger of more reading material lead me to the world of Ved prakash , surender mohan etc..

Anupam started this project and i was not in favour of scanning bal pocket because i knew that people will prefer comics over bal pocket..

but saying this again will be undermining again the efforts of you and anupam and i donot think that is good.

to make your efforts worth can i suggest the following..

1. DONOT scan harish pocket or Tulsi pocket sC bedi for a while.. i have read harish pocket Sc bedi in his time and the story line was good only in few novels ' him station ki tabahi, barud'. rest all were simply crap.. infact some of old VPS novel S c bedi bal pocket book were included to increase thickness of book.

2. if you have manoj pocket books do start with them .. they all have very good story line.

3. vindo hamid series, ram-shyam -manju series, chandu deepu all have very good story.. all will be liked.

4. Diamond Bal pocket prefer fauladi, lambu motu ( especiall fauladi sing upgrah A1, red boss se takkar, bramhand ki rajkumari)) ( lambu motu khopdi ka aadesh, khopdi ka rahasya) ( jauss chakram ka challenge)etc.

5. try to put either cbr or PDf format..

what i understand that it is unfair to deprive people of some good old bal pocket which may come to life because of you and anupam bhai. lets do it but if you really want to see the real magic of this bal pocket for all then i will suggest start with good one only..

and that is definitely not sc bedi from harish...

The Devil said...

Another one from my favourite characters. Thanks a lot mabro.

राजन इकबाल said...

I agree with Kuldeep. Sometimes when i read harish books by SC bedi, they didnt seem nteresting. But i'd differ on Tulsi, those books were v nice. these were the last works fro SC Bedi and I consider them the best

Nitin Godase said...

How can i download jasoosi duniya in pdf?????????

Anupam Agrawal said...

Nitin ji -

I don't know of other addresses for Jasoosi Duniya. As far as my uploads are concerned, I will post all of them in .pdf very soon. may be in 2-3 days.