Friday, June 4, 2010

Barrister Vishwanath - Insaaf Ki Laathi

Dear Friends,
Glad that you all liked the post on Barrister Vishwanath on ICE PROJECT Blog. (Please note that the covers of all the 4 published comics are now available in the Cover Gallary)

Also, you loved the Debut Issue of this Keshav Pandit like character uploaded in this blog. The first story was spanned in two comics. Many of those who have not yet got the chance to read the second part are asking for the concluding part - Insaaf Ki Laathi. I have the part in physical copy, but would not be able to upload this month. But I have found it on the web in PDF format at Hindi Comics' Blog

Though I believe the comics is originally uploaded in RFN Orkut Community.

Don't be surprised to see almost all of my uploads there. As this blog author only converts the uploaded comics into PDF format and then UPLOAD them for the downloads. You can see not only mine, but a lot of other uploaders work ripped here as PDF. 

Now to download and encourage the blogger or not is your choice only. I will do my work as I have been doing.

Today I will post the third issue of Barrister Vishwanath here. I have already posted that elsewhere. Do wait for the issue


Rafiq Raja said...

He seems to be doing it on purpose. His blog should be boycotted, but then again it's pretty hard to stop piracy on net... and at a time when we ourselves are part of it, we don't stand a great stead in protesting against.

Hope he changes for better, and I am looking forward for your Barrister issue, Anupam.

Anupam said...

Rafiq - Its true that we really can't do anything, and its OK with me. All I want that the comics should be preserved and read by millions. It doesn't matter from where they get it.

Though it would be nice, if the guy would mention the link to the original source. (though I doubt anyone would take the trouble to go to the original post, instead of just grabing the easily available download link.)

Anyway, its nice that you are regular in my blogs. Thanks Brother.

Also the promised comic has been posted.

PBC said...
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PBC said...

Agree with both. But have a different opinion about visitors.
For some, only links are OK. Many never or seldom leave comments, but wish to read.

Whenever I see, someone skips original source or people concern, but never forget to EARN through paid advertisement - :)

Don't know, why people afraid to give original source or can't discuss in advance if going to take major part.

Lalit oberoi said...

Hi Anupam,

Can you please upload this comics "Insaaf Ki laathi" ? I read first part and really enjoyed and curious to read the second part. You are really doing excellent and exceptional work. Thanks a lot brother.

Lalit oberoi

Lalit oberoi said...

Hi Anupam,

Can you please consider my above request

Aslam Basha said...

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