Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anupam Sinha's Blog - Sharing His Works Beyond Raj Comics

One of my much delayed Blog - 

I have created this blog not less than 3 months ago, but haven't put anything in it. why???
Simply because I was waiting for my collection to grow. But failed to do so. So starting with whatever I am having.

One thing - Its not a common Anupam Sinha blog. You are not going to find his work in Raj Comics. Almost everything of that is available in various Raj comics Fan Sites/Blogs/Groups/Communities. So what this blog is all about. Its about -
Anupam Sinha - His Rare Works Beyond Raj Comics.

Yes, this is my objective. Here I will share his rare works outside Raj Comics.

Do check it out...


Me, Myself & Me!! said...

Hi anupam, any word on late Bedi ji? I knew very late about his demise..I still cant believ he is gone..

Anupam said...

Its really a tragic news!!!!!!
He was one of my favorite illustrator, just love his way of illustration.

Its a real pity that our comic artists never get the proper attention in media.

Sometimes, they too do not come forward and avoid contacts with the fans, as opposite to the international comic artists.

A loss can never be fulfilled. Sigh...

Mandeep Singh said...

Hi anupam I have also created a blog to collect all hindicomics at one place these comics are not scan and uploaded by me i only try to make a place for them.
but unfortunately my blog was deleted by the blogger against copyright act violation. Is there any way to restore back my blog

you may only view cached web pages..

Please forward me soon....
Mandeep Singh

Sun Shukr said...

Your Blog Is Very Nice, I Think We Should Be Friends.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anupam,
Pls Send link For
the link is in ur post is not working ill be vary thank full to you
cause i read 1st & 3rd part
looking forward for ur response

Anonymous said...

hi anupam sir,
i ve readd the nagraj and dhruv comics after 1 yr i m very much disappointed that u r not wriiting for nagraj now also u r not doing artwork for my favt hero dhruv