Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dear Friends,

In my effort to bring the information about old Indian comics, this time I have chosen the very rare Prabhat Chitrakatha. I am trying to create the list of published comics. I need your full support because they are extremely hard to find and I believe those who are having the Prabhat Chitrakatha, they must be having only a few. So do provide me the list of whatever you have, so I can make the maximum possible comic list. 

Please do support, because if you are a comics lover, you certainly would like it to be completed.

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Rafiq Raja said...

Never heard about Prabhat Comics before. Looking forward to see some info on that.

Prabhat Bhai would be the happier one because of the namesake, I believe :)

gaurav said...

good effort

indscribe said...

Anupam Sahab

Was Tiger series published under Prabhat comics? I don't see any of it online.

Anupam said...

Dear indscribe Sahab,

Tiger series was indeed published by Prabhat Chitrakatha and remain one of its flagship titles not only till the end of the publication, but also in its new incarnation as Chunnu Comics.

When Prabhat Chitrakatha stopped, the publishers reprinted its comics under a new name - Chunnu Comics, in that too they have put their faith in Tiger too. I have Tiger Comics in both Prabhat and Chunnu. But my examinations are going on so unable to give any time to post the comics, though would post the covers of both publications in a day or two.

Keep coming

Anonymous said...

Dear Anupam,
Prabhat Chitra Katha is indeed from "Vintage Section".
i know 2 characters from Prabhat Chitra Katha. drop me a mail on: and i shall mail you a few comics of Prabhat Chitra Katha.