Monday, May 3, 2010

BARRISTER VISHWANATH (बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ )

BARRISTER VISHWANTH (बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ )
Writer(s) - Raja & Mahendra Mittal
Illustrator(s) - Jaiprakash Jagtap & Dilip Kadam

Barrister Vishwanath is introduced as the only son of the famous government advocate Mr. Pratapnath who practices at Biharipur. Vishwanath studies law from England and returned to India to associate his father with his cases, thus gradually aquiring the skills of a successful lawyer. 
 बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ का परिचय सरकारी वकील प्रतापनाथ के इकलौते पुत्र के रूप में दिया गया है, जो की बिहारीपुर में वकालत करते हैं. विश्वनाथ ने क़ानून की पढाई इंग्लैंड में की और अपने पिता के कार्यों में हाथ बताने के उद्देश्य से वह भारत वापस आया, जिससे वह एक सफल वकील के कौशल अपने पिता से सीख सके. .

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Rafiq Raja said...

Seems a new variety of comics during that time. I like Marvel's Daredevil character, as he portrays an altar life as Barister. Who knows,if this story would have clicked, the we might have seen a version of the same in our comics too.

How about sharing some comics of this character, AA ??

PBC said...

Thanks for bringing another new character me! I missed almost all Raj Comics.

Comic World said...

Good idea about discussing a character.It would have been more nice if one of its comic have also been posted along with writeup.

Anupam said...

Rafiq - Right said, a new variety of character. In the crowd of super-heroes characters, Raj comics had published great simple characters like Vishwanath, Raja, Johar etc. in the beginning, but soon they all were outshadowed by the super-heroes.

About his comics, I have already posted but in RFN community. I just got back after 500kms long exhausted journey only in one day. So I will post it tommorrow afresh on this blog.

Anupam said...

Prabhat - Thanks for the help Prabhat. I am glad that you like the post.

In the beginning I was trying to make it the way of the original ICE Project site on Awardspace. But then I realise that putting a lot of stuff is not at all necessary in blogspot. In this convenient place I can make a single post and then another in a moderate gape.

Though I have improved upon the original site.
[1] Firstly, this time I wanted to post in proper formatting, unlike my posts in my blog, I learnt a few HTML esp. TABLEs to make them look great and well arranged.

[2] at the Beginning It was meant to be in ENGLISH, but then I decided to put everything in HINDI too, for many of us are not that good in english, so it would be better to post in both language, though its really hard and time consuming.

[3] I also plan to add the list of comics (as much as I know) of the character accompanying the details.

[4] Lastly, as per your advise I also added the cover gallery.

I hope you liked my plan and arrangements

Anupam said...

Jaheer Bhai - Glad you liked the initiatives. But I really don't want this site to be a downloading place. I wanted to make it the informative one.

Though the comic is coming in a few minutes, as It has already been uploaded by me elsewhere.

PBC said...

@ Anupam: I confused. Do you want to continue at Awardspace & Blogger - at both platforms?

Even at blogger plateform Home "Welcome" page could be made with tables etc. But it'll take some time to search & read.

1. It's nice. If it's possible forward me links also, whenever you find such tips. I know how to make table, may be there will be something new.

2. Very good idea. Slow and steady wins the race.

3. Hoping some big collectors of comics will help also, although you know yourself many.

4. Good. As I'll get some free time, start clean covers of IJC, ACK, Goversons, Diamond comics (Phantom & Mandrake only). Which resolution you need?

Anupam said...

Prabhat - There is no confusion brother. I want to go with the blogger only.
The awardspace site is up-because I am not having enough time to post the content from the site into the ICE PROJECT BLOG as very soon (on 16th May) my younger brother is getting married. So there are a lot of works to be done. You know what happens during marriage at home.

So, I am exhaustively busy till 20th May, after that I will make all the content from the site to appear in the BLOG, Then I will remove it from my list of works.

PBC said...

OK. Got you. Waiting photos. :)

I'll also hardly find time until 10th June due to my wife's examinations. She is in 5th year of an integrated Management course. It's her 2nd higher education. Need to help in preparation & taking care about 6th month old daughter "Annika".

Anonymous said...

Hi Anupam,
Pls Send link For
the link is in ur post is not working ill be vary thank full to you
cause i read 1st & 3rd part
looking forward for ur response