Thursday, May 6, 2010

BARRISTER VISHWANATH (बैरिस्टर विश्वनाथ ) - Debut Issue

Dear Friends,

My last post was a glimpse of the post on the great but short lived character of Raj Comics - Barrister Vishwanath, on which I have posted an article in ICE PROJECT Blog.

Today, I am posting the first or debut issue of this character (Though I have already posted this comics months ago in RFN - 

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Mr. Walker said...

hey..i dont read raj comics generally..but the character looks intereasting..thanks..

by the way, somebody is selling our indrajal scans in name of their own for buissness purpose..really very bad thing..& more than that, the person himself is a blogger..

nishadjp9 said...

Hiiiii Anupam,
Thank You very much.
I don't have enough words with me to perfectly appreciate your efforts.
I hv read this comic when i was 5.
Thank you very much.

Anupam said...

Mr. Walker - Thanks walker. Its one thing I have never understand, why there are a lot of people who don't read RCs. The early Raj Comics were one of the greatest. The stories of fairy-knights-morality tales along with early issues of Dhruva are the greatest treat to a comic reader.

Do give them a try. PLEEEEEEEEEASE

Nishadjp9 - Glad to have you commenting here on the post. This is the only force encouraging us to do our humble work of preservation and sharing Indian Comics...

PBC said...

@ Thanks for this unknown comics for me!

PBC said...

@Mr. Walker: बन्दर कभी गुलाटी मारना नहीं भूलता|
English: Old habbits die hard.

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for the Barrister Viswanath comic, Anupam. RFN is a huge community, and searching some specific titles out in the huge pile in there, could have been tricky. Atleast for me :)

And regarding the RC not being known to many comment, I believe it is much to do with them concentrating on single language readers. If they would have tried even 10% of what IJC tried to penetrate all regional language barriers, then Raj Comics would have been a well known and most read brand, especially considering that they are still very much active in publishing.

Anupam said...

Prabhat - It certainly is a great one, will post its second part soon.

Rafiq - RFN is certainly a huge community and you are right to say that searching for something specific is very tricky, but even I don't know the trick.

The only thing I will do is to check each and every scrap in the community in each and every topic, then make a list of comics and its link to make sure I do not miss any.

About RC, you are right. But the english reading community may not be interested in Raj, as they are patriotically attached to the foreign characters. :-)

raj malhotra said...

link says Invalid or Deleted File.
please help