Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nutan Chitra Katha 182 - Agyaatshatru (Raajan)

When I decided to upload a Meghdoot comics, I searched in my Nutan Chitrakatha/Comics collection, and there I found one extremely rare character like Meghdoot - the name of the character was Raajan.

Raajan is described as a talented scientist and great detective. In the story the Defence Ministry found people are missing. After a long debate they assigned the case to Raajan.
Where the case turned out to be something Extraterristrial. The people were kidnapped by the creatures from Yoma Planet, because they were being attacked by an enemy planet and only the Earth creatures had no effect of the enemy's otherwise disastrous weapon.

How the story goes? Did Raajan help Yoma's people? Who were the enemy's? and what was the result.... Find out in this almost forgotten comic book...

Download Agyaatshatru From Mediafire

Please note - The first page is about 40% missing (Torn), but the contents can be easily understood with the rest 60% of pages.


PBC said...

Thanks Anupam bhai! It's another discovery for me. Never read before.

Glad to find out you improved template, looking better.

You had missed two add two in "My Other Initiatives" : MCK Madness & Indrajal Online.

2nd one is as equally yours as others founder members. Without your such open heart support, it was not possible.

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks Double A.

Anupam said...

Prabhat - Welcome Prabhat. It certain was a rare comic of an equally rarely known character.

Waise bhi, that's the motto of my blog, to serve the rare gems.

About Templates - I really wanted to change to a better one, but all the free templates need to be modified to suit the blog. And I know almost nothing about the CODING, so finally setteled with the blogspot template again.

Yep, I missed them. Adding them now.

Rafiq - Double thanks from me too.
Firstly - For the comment itself.
Secondly - It was a comment appeared after 3-4 days of posting (Prabhat's comment arrived on the same day). I have never had so much DROUGHT OF COMMENTS like this before.

Aby said...

Thanx a lot Anupam bro for preserving and serving such a gem. Really very difficult to find Nutan comics these days.

Rafiq Raja said...

Dear Anupam,

I can understand your pain of not seeing even a comment, for the effort taken to place this comic in the hands of the lovers.

This world is fast pacing life, and it's hard to see a soul taking sometime to thank those who helped them.

Nevertheless, I hope you would stick on to your passion of sharing what you have, as ultimately it's a matter of self satisfaction, rather than to appease others.

I would comment, whenever possible at your lovely blog, so you can count on me ;)

Anupam said...

Thanks a lot for the encouraging and soothing words Rafiq.

Indeed I will continue to share the gems.There were times when I decided to quit sharing the comics due to the same reason. But now I am a little used to it. Its not like it does not hurt anymore, but to continue post because I want to relive my childhood in the company of the friends.

And it now do not feel that bad when you can't get thanks from friends. I am happy as they are having their lost childhood again.

Deep said...

Thanx Anupam bro.

Never read this one before.

Good to see that u post more regularly.

Keep it up.

nishadjp9 said...

Nice 1.............This 1 was also lost by me..........Thanks

The Devil said...

Thanks for sharing