Monday, March 22, 2010

Maut Ke Khilone - Commando - Gowarsons Comics

Hi there friends,

After the last upload of Meghdoot comics, I am providing one more extremely rare action packed comics to you this time.

This is the Hindi version of the famous Commando-War Stories in Pictures comics published in India by Gowarsons Comics as Commando - Sachitra Yudh Kathayein.

I do hope that you will surely enjoy this vintage comic and share your views with your comments...

One more thing, I don't have the cover - So to look it better - I have desinged the custom cover - I think you would like it too.

Download Maut Ke Khilone from Media Fire
(64 colour pages in .cbr format)


PBC said...

Nice to get one of comics which I read in childhood.

I'm sure at least 2 more Commando Comics were printed by same publisher in Hindi.

In near future I'm going to share 37 Commando Comics in English. If we see friends are interested - IUnknown will scan some himself.

I was surprised to see Archie and One more comics printed by Goversons. Those I never saw before.

Several other Goversons covers are posted at "Books & Comics" blog, you must use in you ICEPROJECT as some such informative sites do. They share all covers of a series.

मोहम्मद कासिम said...


good comics

Anupam said...

Prabhat - Welcome Prabhat,
First time I posted some ready material with 2 weeks delay.

Anyway, about your suggestion of posting cover in ICEPROJECT, I too am concern about that, if you will read through the 'CONTACT' link, you will get to knew about my plan for the site.

First I want to make a site having respectable material about each publisher, then I will upload the maximum number of covers possible making a gallery and list of comics published.

Abt Gowarsons covers, I thought to ask you, Jaheer and others to use the covers uploaded in respective blogs when I would start making the gallore.

Again, Its a funny co-incident, Whatever You have of Gowarsons, I have not seen them, and vice-versa.

That other comic was the Hindi Reprint of 'The Fly'.

About commando series, I love them, I myself is having about 6-7 (not much), so waiting for the uploads.

Kasim - welcome Buddy. Keep coming for moral boosts.

gaurav said...

I NEVER READ COMMANDO COMICS BEFORE , the story is interesting

PBC said...

Dear Anupam, Nice plan!

Feel free to use any cover material from all my blogs, no need to ask. Our new member (IUnknown) is also providing unique comics like Target.

If required I can send you all covers (after cleaning ) available in my blogs & some unique which are not online.

It'll some time to extract & clean, but it'll save your lot of time.

Aby said...

Thanx Anupam bro for these wonderful comic titles. I was waiting for Meghdoot and ur new uploads on our MCM community but you already upped it here very silently. I actually came to your blog after a long time. Well about the comics, both the new ones Meghdoot and Goversons are rare and gr8. And happy to see that this time you were able to ahorten the time difference between your 2 uploads..must keep it up. In the end i would like to request for one of the very rare title ie, Chandrakanta Santati. It was one of its kind. And Pawan comics were the only ones who dared to take up that long novels and pulish them in the form of half story and half comics. Please upload that if you can.

Anupam said...

Gaurav - Welcome Gaurav, The story is really interesting.

Prabhat - Thanks a lot for the generous offer. I sure need friends like you in the tough job like ICEPROJECT site.

Anupam said...

Aby - Sorry to keep you waiting for the Meghdoot title. In MCM I always wanted to post only Manoj, that's why it was not posted there.

Again, thanks for appreciating the comics, It feels great when I succeed in saving these priceless gems.

Also, about the time delay, this time I am planning to scan whenever I will get time, so that I can work the uploads in bit by bit thus reducing the time.

Chandrakanta Santati I can post, but that was in about 12 parts, and I have only one that is 6th part. You can check the cover in my blog.

Rafiq Raja said...

A rare commando comic printed by Goversons... They were really commited to comics by bringing out such vast titles in their array. Sad they couldn't succeed for a long time.

We are now left with collecting these rare ones alone. Thanks for sharing Anupam.

nishadjp9 said...

Good 1

Mike said...

Commando is still going in the UK, in July 2012 it will reach 4500 issues! They're also currently reprinting the first 12, one per month.
It's the last of the British "Boys' Own" style, all the other traditional publications have been cancelled (Victor in 1992 and Eagle in 1993), though a new "semi professional" comic called Spaceship Away can now be bought online.