Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Holi & Madhu Muskan #142

First of all,

Stealing the Blue from the splashing seas,
A tinge of green from the youthful trees,
A bit of orange from the sunrise hues,
Crystal white from the morning dews,
I framed a colourful wish for you,
Happy Holi to your family and you.

Dear friends,
Today is one festival, which is bound to feel our world with a whole lot of colours of happiness, laughter, mischief, friendship and many greater feeling, our lives have been blessed with.

Here for the HOLI post, I have chosen one Madhu Muskan. I have never uploaded any magazine, but in the recent hunt I found this old issue of MM. The special thing about this is that it was the last bi-monthly issue of MM and after that it went to became Weekly.

Frankly - there is not much to be lured for, but as a rare issue, I thought it should be shared with you friends.

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सतीश सक्सेना said...

होली की शुभकामनायें !!

PBC said...

Wish you & all visitors very Happy Holi!

Absolutely same my view about MM & agree with your choice for this post.

However, Madhu Mushkan had a short series "Madhu Mushkan Comics"
3 comics, Babloo ( a young detective)
1 comics, Shaktiman (like Superman)
2 Comics, Daku Pan Singh
were published. I'm sure about these as I had all. Earlier I had impression, this comics series ended after 6 only. Might be maximum 1-3 more other comics were published.

First 2 Babloo (3rd is also OK) & Shakiman are the best comics ever created & printed by an Indian team/publisher. They were going at right track, but a sudden it was stopped.

One Babloo and two Pan Singh comics, I'm going to post in very near future. Luckily not only scans, but going to receive the physical copies also. Restarted collecting some series' physical comics after 20 years gape. Hoping you and other friends will enjoy.

Anupam said...

@Satish - Happy Holi and Thanks for the comment.

@Prabhat - Its nice to have a long talk with you this morning, and now to have ur comment here.

I too am not into MM, and would post only when I get any rare issue.

About the MM comics I too am searching to have. If anyone can help, please do so...

Comic World said...

Its very nice to see you back and that too with a vintage issue of Madhumuskan.
Try to increase your frequency of posting as except you there is no one other who focuses primarily on preserving Indian vintage comics before they got permanently lost in mist of time.

Rafiq Raja said...

Thanks for a rare Madhu Muskhan edition, Anupam. and Happy Holi to you too.

Prabhat's and your discussion, makes for a interesting wait to see those digital archives... go on guys.

Anupam said...

@Jaheer - Happy Holi Bhaijaan,

"except you there is no one other who focuses primarily on preserving Indian vintage comics"

Thanks a lot for such kind words.

I always thought that I would be regular but then some events force me to suspend for long time. Lets see what happens this time...

@Rafiq - Happy Holi Bro,
Prabhat's blogs have always been a treasure house for great comics. The near future, he will let us enjoy many great stuffs.

For my part, I am as uncertain as always. But do keep visiting...

Vedha said...

Hi anupam,

Thanks a lot for your efforts to keep us happy.

Happy holi to you and your family.

Comic World said...

Anupam: Yes a very colorful belated wishes for Holi to you too.I enjoyed a lot yesterday as my colleagues tried their hands with color on me and made it difficult to recognize myself.
I agree with you that we should give a serious try for unearthing and preserving Indian comics as there are still for sure many publications and comics which are yet to be discovered.