Monday, September 28, 2009

MCK370 - Chamatkari Haaar Ka Rahasya (Part 3/3)

Happy Dussehra to all dear friends,

Dussehra is not about killing Ravana or something, its about killing the badness in you, so on this blessed day let's promise to ourselves that we would be good and only good from now on...

(Though next day, we can be our bad selves)

Lata Mangeshkar - A Living Legend

Happy 80th Birthday, we all adore you

I think this is where nothing is needed to be written about her or her songs, just turnon the music player and lets hear the soothing songs from the smoothest voice ever...Lata ji

Now comes the treat -

The 3rd and concluding part of the 'Chamatkari Haar' saga, finally came to an end after aboout 3 months. Pals, this is my treat to you, It was hard to upload two comics this soon (within 2 days) for me, but it was worth it....

Read along -


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Wish you and all your vistors very Happy Dashara!

May God Bless living legand Lata ji healthy long life. Happy Birthday Lata ji!

Thanks for comics!

Anupam said...

Thanks Prabhat,
Same to you...

Vedha said...


Wishing you & All the Readers of the Blog A very happy dushera & Happy Vijaya dasami.

happy birthday, latha ji. may you entertain us for many more yrs.

Keep up the good work & keep posting them.

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Anupam said...

Dear Vedha,

Its nice to hear from you. I believe this is the first comment from you. Right?

btw Have a fun time with friends and family on this festive season...

Vedha said...


thanks. i think i have been commenting very recently only. will try to follow up with your posts from now onwards.

you are doing a great job. kindly continue.

Old Man Mozz said...

once again a good comic...thanks Anupam. Also wish you and your family a belated happy dussehra.

abhishek said...

Hi freind.... this blog has many comics. some more are available here..

xpressabhi said...

I have collected links for raj comics from various sources.
If you want to download please visit this blog.

Amit Pachauri (अमित पचौरी) said...

Hi Anupam,

Thanks for this comic,
Chamatkari Haaar Ka Rahasya (Part 3/3) and वृक्ष देवता का चमत्कारी हार.
Good to read stories in Hindi.
Love these adventurous story comics of Indian origins.

God bless you.

Vedha said...

Dear comics lovers,

It is very sad to inform you people that One of India's greatest ever comics artist Mr Govind Brahmania is No More.

May His soul rest in peace.(Info courtesy: Usman Bhai)

Govind Bramania (02-03-1938 - 09-12-2009) R.I.P

gaurav said...

sir thanks for the comics , some of the comics i have been looking for a long time ,i have been visiting this blog for some time but this is my first comment do you or some other comic fan remember fauladi singhs encounter with joker , can some one provide details about it or if possible post the comics

The Devil said...

Thanks a lot mate for this final part.