Monday, September 28, 2009

#20 Qatl Ki Saajish - Raajan Iqbal Bal Pocket Book (S.C. Bedi)

Hey dear friends,
First of all Happy Dussehra
I know it has been a long-long time since I have posted the first Bal Pocket on net. When I thought to start a seperate place to relive the old childhood genre almost extinct, I had doubts but a download of more than 100 (though very little) has put a faith that you guys want it too.
Sorry for the hectic time, here is the upload that will complete the first story - Murtiyon Ka Hungama.
Download from here - (No Password this time)
Download From Mediafire


Ashish said...

Happy Dushahra Anupam Bhai!!!

Vinay Thakkar said...

Great work bro......i was waiting for a long time for the concluding part of the first novel......thanks again......

Anupam said...

Ashish and Vinay,

Welcome Bro, Thanks for commenting, otherwise here the response are very cold, and u must have seen, but i will upload the next, no matter what

The Devil said...

Thanks for this one too. I'm happy as I don't have to wait for this much long to have both parts