Friday, July 10, 2009

Murtiyon Ka Hungama - Raajan Iqbal Series Bal Pocket Book (S.C.Bedi)

  • Title Murtiyon Ka Hungama
    Series Raajan Iqbal Series
    Author S.C.Bedi
    Genre Bal Pocket Books
    Publisher Ganga Pocket Books
    Price INR 2.00
    Serial #19
    Year Around 1978-1979

Dear Friends,
Starting today a new dimenstion of our childhood memory - The Bal Pocket Books Upload.

and What could be better than the extremely famous S.C.Bedi and his creation Raajan Iqbal. Read along the pages to unfold an adventure written almost 30 years ago...

One Annoying Thing - I have protected the file with password so as to promote the blog and unwanted theft of my upload.
To open/read the file you need to supply a password.
Password is - ibpbb (stands for Indian Bal Pocket Books Blog)
So read along and do interest me for second uploading...
---Anupam Agrawal


मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi achhi suruaat hai

bhut bhut subhkamnaye

Anupam said...




Vinay Thakkar said...

nice job bro......your efforts really bring back long lost memories of childhood......making a blog on bal pocket books is a unique idea....i appreciate Your efforts

Lalit oberoi said...

Great job Anupam, Thanks a lot.Welldone. Great social work you are doing.
Lalit oberoi

kuldeepjain said...

one more blog taking us to the memory lane of childhood..
Anupam.. apprecaite your initiation but i have my own dobuts about running of this blog compare to MCM or Raj or Indrajal..
Frankly ..scanning a bal pocket book is also not a a worthwhile excersize.. giving few page of scan to give an idea of this pocket books sounds more cool..
scanning text comics like Parag, balak is more recommended rather than scanning bal pockets..
Comics as you know gave us a different enjoyment .. comics were like scent sticks which are still burning and giving the delightful fragrance of childhood still at this age...
i will be truthful that bal pocket cannot give that touch..
it is not that i have not read the bal pockets or enjoyed it .. i have read lots of bal pockets and mini bal pockets ( size half of the bal pocket you posted here)
raja , rani, pari, tilasm, jasusi, and what not..
i have given some comments on CW blog about bal pockets and i will not repeat here..
i will conitinue my post ...

kuldeepjain said...

all will agree that though you read lots of comics , stories but only some stories stick to your memory , heart so much that u can never forget..

i read lots of raj iqbal by Sc bedi ( genuine and fake ) and there was a time came when story line quality of SC Bedi series from Harish pocket started deteriorating like any thing..

most of time it is iqbal-salma nok jhok or iqbal and one 'cartoon type guy' (i am missing the name rightnow ) nok jhok and book was finishing just like that.. no story..

and then raj started publishing sanjay salim victor series with some very good story line..

as i turned toward novels after that i never realized that bal pocket books went to oblivioin..

to be continued...

Ashish said...

I agree with Kuldeep bhai as far as the comics fan community.

But that is why they are called comics fan community, as they relish more in pictures than in words.

And then there are others who find comics "too short" and finish it in 3 minutes or less and then complain and switch to novels.

Also there are people who find comics "short" but still love them; at the same time read half sized, full sized pocket books and novels as long as the story is great.

I was deeply surprised when I first found vintage comics being posted over net. Also initially there were very few people who used to be part of the community. But today we see the MCK community going strong and only strong.

Who knows how many avid readers are waiting for these bal pocket books?

Might be, might be not.

Well I am one, but only time will tell if there are really many people like me.

Ashish said...

Set A = many
Set B = many
Set C = A (intersection) B

We are == Set A

Looking for == Set C

How we will reach == A -> B -> C


tiger said...

yeh acha kadam hai...........koi padhega to hi janega inka mulya.......bachpan me kitna tarasta tha ki yeh padhne ko nahi mila woh padhne ko nahi mila.....lekin ab yeh manokamna purna ho raihi hai..........thnx to guys like u.........

indscribe said...

Dear Anupam Sahab

You are doing a historic job. A few decades from now, all this will be even rare. So please continue your work.

main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar
log saath aate gaya aur karvaan bantaa gayaa

james said...

Dear Anupam,
Do send more S.C.Bedi stuff soon.

james said...

Dear Anupam,

Firstly, million thanks for starting this new blog on bal pocket books.

What makes your effort really special is that sourcing bal pocket books is nearly impossible anywhere. Whereas we comic lovers can source other vintage comics on lot of sites on net but there is no source to download this pure sterling stuff of sc bedi.

I look forward to read more bal pocket novels in near future including all those whose covers are posted by you.

All the best for this endeveour,

james said...

Dear Anupam,

In one of your earlier posts you mentioned people don't acknowledge genuine efforts which you put in in posting such legendery stuff which is so difficult to get otherwise.

Well, i do agree with you that such things do happen all the time but than there are always people like us also who will always praise your hard work.

I am reading all stuff you send allthough it is only recently that i have started posting the comments also because what you are doing is genuinely commendable.

Well done & keep it up & yes don't create so much of time difference in your posts i.e,"murtiyon ka hungama" was posted on 9th july & since than we are waiting for another SC bedi materpiece from your staple.

Good luck,

james said...

Dear Anupam,

When will we get the pleasure of reading another masterpiece of SC bedi from your staple.


james said...

Dear Anupam & all other friends

Are you all guys travelling somewhere because there is hardly any response .

I am a new person on this blog & feel that everybody on this blog is in a state of hibernation.

Guys share my enthusiasm & respond to my posts!


james said...

Dear Anupam,

Hope all well! There is no reply from your end.

Kya koi narazgi hai or too busy to send another postS !

Anupam said...

Dearest James,

I am extremely sorry for not replying the continuous comments from you. I was almost away for two months from the blogging.

I really felt very bad to behave in that way. Next time I would atleast reply to the comments, you friends put in here.

Sorry once again...

Anupam said...

Also a humble apology from all the avid readers of Bal Pocket Books.

But now as I have returned, there would be more Bal Pocket Stuff coming this festive season.

One has already posted today

happy Dussehra

kuldeepjain said...

hi Anupam

I saw the manoj bal pocket mastram sustram and the story line got fresh in my memory. story of 2 brother.. identical twin.. son of a rich seth...competetion of eating gulab jamun.. sarman, narpat , magic stone..

this book was with me but later on sold to kabadi..almost 28-30 year old book..

i very good book and thus i voted for it..

Anupam said...

Thanks Kuldeep,
Its always nice to hear from you.

Sure it would be in pipeline for uploads

rohit said...

thnakx bro, keep up the good work

james said...

Hello Anupam,

Good to hear from you again! I was really wondering what's up with you as there was no comments from your side, so i was not checking this site.

Anyway, firstly a very happy diwali to you & your family & also to all other fellow comic lovers.

Further, thanks for posting anoter part of "murtiyon ka hungama". I look forward to a
lot more bal pocket book posting from you in near future.

Even if you don't get a very favourable response to your posts sometimes but still you must continue posting the SC bedi treasure because there will always be people like me around who truely understands the value of your labour & genuine efforts.

With best regards,

Anupam said...

Dear Sachin,
Again my sincere apology for not answering ur comments.

And Happy Colourful Diwali to you and all in the family. Have a nice time with near and dear ones.

I agree with you buddy that there are people who appreciate my work, but i am founding that this BPBs are not needed much more, may be in digital form perhaps people like the hardcopy but not the e-form.

Anyway, specially for you I will try to post another of Bedi's gems.

Will keep you inform

Warm regards

james said...

Hi Anupam,

Thanks for your comments bro. I will look forward to some new posts from you in near future.

I genuinely request you to send more SC bedi pure gold. My admiration for Mr. Bedi's work & also my appreciation of your efforts in highlighting his treasure should be reason enough to motivate you in sending more posts of the legend of hindi crime fiction.

With warm regards,

james said...

Hello Anupam,

The way u keep disappering from the blog gives me a feeling that u are also some secret agent out on some mission impossible like Tom Cruise.

Are bhai after posting such gems like cover of SC bedi you r not sending any fresh posts. Please send something yaar as u r my only hope to read this lovely stuff.

Take care,

Anupam said...

Dear Sachin,
Sorry for this delay, I recall in my previous comment/reply I told you that I would upload if not for anybody but for you. Actually I have been going with some really rough time - with my job, and especially the family health. I have not been able to sleep well for the last 7 days because of the hospital routine, and after a long long time I finally able to surf the net.

Would sure upload great BPBs as soon as It would be possible for me buddy...

james said...

Dear Anupam,

It seems its a crunch phase for all of us
as even iam having my share of problems of late
but than thats life.

I will not ask for any details of what is happening at your end but i wish you good luck
so that you are able to get rid of all the issues which are bothering you.

Take care & be happy,

Lokesh Kumar said...

Great work buddy! Remind me of my childhood. Wish i could read all of these novels. Keep it up.

With heartly wishes.

nim_agrawal said...

This is just great effort. Please upload more novel. Give me I idea How I can upload novel here? I have 8 scan novel. Let me know if I can do some thing

No more love for Life said...

Nice work done my friend... Koti Koti Naman

The Devil said...

Thanks a lot mate. I was surfing the net while came to this site and I should say I'm very happy to see it. It's been a long time I haven't seen these. I had read these comics a long way back, don't even remember the covers or the stories but still have feelings for these like a true book lover. Anyhow I will download al lthe books from here and will wait for more to come. Thanks again mate.

deepesh said...

Hi fans This is S.C.Bedi I had written 1200 books.
Presently I am living in lucknow U.P. You Can write me letter on my address "K-10 Basera Aashiana Colony Kanpur Road Lucknow, U.P."

Srijan said...

i also live in lucknow i was in high school in 1979 and fan of sri s.c.bedi, rajan and iqubal were the living characters for us.thanks anupam for making the novel available at internet. great work indeed i shall be meeting s.c.bedi ji at ashiana in lucknow....just to pay my regards to the great creator

rich said...

dear anupam ..done agreat job..really i apreciate your as much as possible...we will be much much thankfull to you thank yu..yaar.RICHMAN

Anurag Sethi said...

Thanks so much.