Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Indian Bal Pocket Books - Touching the Lost Genre

Friends, I have taken one step further to celebrate the successful genre ran parallel to the comics in the glorious days - The Bal Pocket Books.

Do visit the blog dedicated especially to the long forgotten genre, if you love the comics and their characters, you would not miss their other adventures never told in the pages of a comic book - they are just to be found in the Bal Pockets.

Visit Indian Bal Pocket Books Blog

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kk said...

Ella Ok,
Separate blog yaake?

(Everything else is alright, but why a separate blog? :)

I remember HEARING about the legendary pocket books back in the days in good old Kolkatta - somewhere in the mid-80s. Friends and people used to assure me they were damn good and far far better than the Rajan Iqbal comics - which I never liked. :)

Anupam said...

Why a seperate Blog?

Why such a question???

Don't you think they should have their own gracious place in the net world...

Old Man Mozz said...

The Bal Pocket books blog is interesting. I have to admit I used to see them but I preferred reading English comics that I never read the hindi comics...but with your blog this has changed.. Thanks

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi good post

where were u?

please visit my blog.

Anupam said...

@Dear Mozz,
Thanks again for the inspiring thoughts.

When the thought struck in my mind to do something for the BAL POCKETS, i believed it is a extremely great idea and people would go crazy about it seeing there favorite characters in new adventures in a different storytelling genre, but I am not seeing much enthusiasm here...

@Kasim - Was away for a long long time buddy, do visit your blog today

Rahul Jalan said...

Anupam JI ,

thanks a lot for bringing back the nostalgia of 80's. i was searching like hell for Manoj Chitra katha to the extent that i went to Delhi ( i live in Dhanbad) in search of the same in sunday morning bazaar in dariya gunj where they sell old comics & books etc.

here in my city , there is a shop which is having some manoj chitra katha & manoj comics but they are of late 80's & early nineties. i will get them all , scan the same and mail it to you.

pls msg me ur mail i.d. and cell no. if possible so that we can share our mutual interest.

my email i.d.

hello said...

Hi Comic lovers.
Got a friend that is selling a super collection.
He’s got about 100 binders – 40 tinkles, 15 chandamama’s, 50 indrajals and marvels and DC’2.
He said he’d settle for some crorish nuumbers.
He’s bound volumes (of indrajals),amd has 150+ with covers,below number 300.\
Reply on this blog.
Will be back.

D K Singh said...

if any one have collocation of hindi commando series comics then please give me information about these comics.