Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Few Covers

Have a look at the ten great covers of Indian Bal Pocket Books -


Ashish said...

Brilliant covers, just love them all. Thanks Anupam for starting this wonderful place.

Lalit oberoi said...

Really .. Muth watering covers .. is it possible to put the soft copy of these books here ?
Thanks for this blog and your invauable efforts to bring old days again.
Lalit oberoi

Anupam said...

@Ashish - Thanks a lot for giving such value to the initiative.

@Lalit - I want this to be the ullimate place for the bal pocket. I want to put up everything possible for me including -

1. Publishers
2. characters
3. Writers (including their photos)
4. covers
and last and the best
5. soft copies of the Bal Pockets (I have already started scanning)

So much to come, keep visiting this unique place...

Comic World said...

Congrats Anupam for creating a new blog based on Bal Pocket Books,i hope that you would be keeping it update regularly.
By the way i have put something for you in this post
Pls check it and let me know your thoughts.

lalit said...

Thanks anupam, I am waiting or first soft copy of bal pecket book. Infact this would be first time i will read any pocket book. Thanks dear.

Anupam said...

1. Thanks for the visit Buddy.
2. Congrats for the article on ur blog. Its nice and encouraging.
3. Yes I need to have details abt that Bhawani Publication, I don't have any of them...

@Dear Lalit -
Thanks for the inspiration. Here is the first soft copy of Bal Pocket. Do read and share the comment.

kuldeepjain said...

all will agree that though you read lots of comics , stories but only some stories stick to your memory , heart so much that u can never forget..

i read lots of raj iqbal by Sc bedi ( genuine and fake ) and there was a time came when story line quality of SC Bedi series from Harish pocket started deteriorating like any thing..

most of time it is iqbal-salma nok jhok or iqbal and one 'cartoon type guy' (i am missing the name rightnow ) nok jhok and book was finishing just like that.. no story..

and then raj started publishing sanjay salim victor series with some very good story line..

as i turned toward novels after that i never realized that bal pocket books went to oblivioin..

to be continued...

nahlawat said...

lovely anupam ji i have to ask u something do u have whole list of manoj comics actually i am looking for few comics publish in manoj series like raja ja baj gaya baja , dol gaya singhsan , ab aaya tufan and above best story i ever read mai hui aflatoon its a 3 part series with diffrent names