Friday, March 27, 2009

MCK 03 - Karname Natwarlal Ke

MCK003 - Karname Natwarlal Ke
Dear Friends,This time a REAL GEM from Manoj Chitra Katha, the 003 Issue of MCKs. (Yes the third issue of regular size MCKs.)

Yours Truely
Anupam Agrawal
Waiting for ur feedback...


kuldeep said...

yar anupam this is already been posted by you a long time ago..

yar wo mal bhi dalo na jo alag se bandh ke rakah hua hai..

donot invoke me to make robbery plan to steals the other jems of your collection if they are not posted soon..

donot take it as khali dhamki but take it as dharmendra 'ma kasam'...


मोहम्मद कासिम said...

hi dear it has already been posted one of blog. but that blog is blocked now good chance for new fan.

please come on my blog to give ur valuable comment.

Anupam said...

हायों रब्बा,
इतनी मुश्किल से अपलोड किया था रे, वोह भी साला uploaded निकला. मेरी मेहनत बेकार गई.
चलो कम से कम वोह ब्लॉग तो blocked है, जिसमे यह थी.
तो भले ही uploaded है, पर अभी तो अपुन का इच मिलेगा बाबा, पुराना वाला बोले तो , खल्लास हो गया है बीडू.
और कुलदीप भाई तू आ तो, अपन खुदीच तेरे तो दे देगा भाई, चोरी-वोरी करने की क्या जरूरत है ...
कासिम भाईजान , गुड one , बढ़िया रे बाबा,

kuldeep said...

abe wo tera he blog tha..

i am sure that was uploaded by you only..

in that post i requested you 'insaf ka pujari'

Anupam said...

Are nahin re bhai mere,

mera to yeh akela comic blog hai, aur ek bhi nahin.

doosra, maine upload nahin kiya,

thik se pata kar, koi aur hoga

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

is blog s maine download ki thi.

dear anupam main first diamond comics download nahi kar paya (my office security system saying acces denied)please reupload in .pdf.


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

please visit my blog throught this link. I am printing Phantom Dailes and Sundays. :

pllease let me know if you are interested in having one.



Peeyoush Mishra said...

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anupam bhai ....... thnx for the link..... bt can u give me the link of khooni danav ki wapsi which was a multistarer...

AMIT B. said...

this is a great opportunity to get my favorite comics for download i am very thankful to all comic lover who are doing hard work.

i am also having a big collection of comics(in hard copy) but not old ones which i downloaded today.

if you want any special issue of comic you may ask me @

Abhi said...

very nice .. anupam .. kudos or for you efforts !!!

god bless you .

Abhi said...

I must say ,, you guys are rocking ..

please keep uploading ..
the pain you are taking for
US is really appreciable ..

god bless !!


Abhi said...

Anupam .. u r a rock star !!!

rahul said...

amazing post dear anupam. these comics takes us back 20 years or so in time.....its like a time machine by reading.

The Devil said...

Thanks friend