Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manoj Comics Characters List (UPDATE)

Manoj Chitrakatha/Comics have always inspired me most than anything else because of their extreme variety of themes and characters. I haven't seen anyone dealing with so vivid with sincerity. To mark that it never went highly childish in story or illustrations like those of Tauji or chacha-Bhatija, instead it is the only publication which treated the grandparents tales with dignity and supremacy for a very very long time....

I have created one ORKUT community to preserve the MCK Comics and history. Do Join and help me by joining the community - Manoj Comics Madness at
(Sorry about the previous link which pointed to all my communities, link fixed to MCM)
Meanwhile here is the biggest character list of MCK universe -
Akdu Ji - Jhagdu Ji
Chacha Paropkari Lal
Chatur Chaudhary
Computer Singh
Hawaldar Bahadur
Hawaldar Gaindaram
Inspector Manoj
Jasoon Patang
Jasoos Garmchand
Karnan Karna
Machini Lal - Afeemi Lal
Mahabali Bheem
Mahabali Shera
Mahanayak Kids
Secret Agent Sulemaan
Shreeman Funty
Super-Thief Rustam
Topchand Bandookdas
Uncle Charlie

The Series
Bhoot-Pret Tantra-Mantra
Bhoot-Pret Tantra-Mantra Jadoo-Tona
Dark Tales
Jaadui-Vichitra Lok Kathayein
Thrill Action Adventure

To my knowledge this is the biggest list compiled. Do report the characters I have not come across yet... (Thanks to Kuldeep for providing two more characters name)
Warm Regards - Anupam


Toonfactory said...

Hi Anupam..good to see U active again on Blogs. Well there is one more character that used to get published in Manoj Comics - Anokha Chor Rustam which was illustrated by Raam Waairkar Sahab. Rustam was an anokha chor because he was hired to steal things which were worthless most of time, but strangely once he stole the stuff...there started the story about that worthless steal..which actually wasn't worthless. A fun adventure story series which never got the popularity ala Angoothe Laal..and died midway

Anupam said...

Hi Toonfactory,
What do you think about the list? Isn't it big?

btw, the character you have told is already listed as Super Thief Rustam.

Ashish Pathak said...

Hi Anupam,

I am trying to join your community but the linke do not navigate to your new community. Please check the link .

kuldeep said...

hi Anupam

you missed the followings :

1. Manku Jhanku
2. Secret agent Suleman

Manku jhanku were shown as soldiers in British army when india was under british rule and most of the storis were in that time only..very funny comics..

secret agent suleman..his companion name was 'musafir' i recall his comics.. hawai lutere, kala suraj and gupt dastavej..

the list compilation is very good ..lots of character i donot recall but kudos to your memory and efforts..

Ankush/Vineet said...

Wow..Am becoming a member of your community

Toonfactory said...

Well Anupam the list is really an extensive one....Will be coming down to Bhilai soon..would like to catch up with U if U are in Durg..U have my email add...will inform you..

Apoorva Kumar said...

Dear Anupam,
Thanks a lot for you efforts. It's been more than 2-3 years I am searching old manoj comics on the net but all my efforts were in vain. I agree Raj comics has got a better quality in terms of artwork but manoj was best in stories especially the one from Bimal chatterji....Best of luck, Pal!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anupam,

Loads of thanks to you.

However requesting you again to upload Anguthelal's comics on your blog.

Anuj Sharma said...

hi anupam,

can we have a list of all comics published by manoj publications.

i can help you in this too as i have around 800 issues of manoj comics.

Anupam said...

Dear Anuj,
Heartfelt appreciation for the offer. Its really the toughest job to compile a list of comics. Even the relatively new and active Raj Comics list has not been compiled, whereas they have a huge fan following.

So the closed and very old publication Manoj's list are out of question.

I have around 500 MCKs/MCs, which I myself have compiled a list. Please do update the list with ur collection.

Here is the link -

Himdeep said...

Hi Anupam,

Indeed That is the one of the biggest list of Manoj Comic Characters that have been compiled. As far as I can remember, you ar emissing one more character called Space-Man.



Anonymous said...

Its very nice really reminded my childhood...Can anyone tell me a comic name?
Weapon used in comic was = Dhagchakra
Sequel was = supercity
characters names = mukund, prachand

I am desperately looking for this one.

please help me