Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Katy Keene #062 (1961 Issue)

Katy Keene, a character created by Bill Woggon, has appeared in several comic book series published by Archie Comics since the 1940s.
Katy Keene is a model known as the "Pin-Up Queen," and her comics encouraged readers to send in original drawings of outfits and accessories for her and her friends to wear, as well as designs for automobiles, trailers and boats. These designs were used in the comics with credit given to published submissions.
Katy Keene was introduced in Wilbur Comics #5 in 1945, and appeared in subsequent issues of Wilbur and various anthology comic series in the 1940s, eventually getting her own title in 1949 which ran for 12 years. Specials such as Katy Keene Pin Up Parade and Katy Keene Fashion Book Magazine, continued through the 1950s, but the character was not seen for about 20 years after the early 1960s until she was revived in the 1980s. Woggon's apprentice, John Lucas, carried on the tradition with his comics and paper doll books. In the early 1990s she once again went into disuse, except for a 1994 appearance in The Punisher Meets Archie...

Source - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katy_Keene

Presenting a gold issue from the glorious past...a 47 years old comic of Katy Keene...



Anonymous said...

Hi, once I downolad the Katy Keene file from Rapidshare, what programme do I use to open the file?

Tnx & rgds

Anupam said...

Dear Ranjit,
The comics are in .cbr or .cbz format. (These are compressed image files). I recommend using Gonvisor. You can get it from


or you can rename the files -
.cbr to .rar
.cbz to .zip

and then extract them with WinRar and read the file in any image viewer like ACDSEE or anything you like.

The first type using a compressed image viewer provides the best experience...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Anupam....Im a huge Katy Keene fan...so do appreciate.

rko said...

wow dis is classic bro...thnx a ton