Thursday, June 5, 2008

John Ringo - Legacy of the Aldenata (01-05)

The Legacy of the Aldenata, also known as the Posleen War Series[1] is the fictional universe of one of John Ringo's military science fiction series.
The central premise is that in 2001, humanity receives greetings from a highly advanced, peaceable Galactic Federation. However, all is not well, for a species of aggressive aliens known as the Posleen are attacking the Galactics. Since the Galactics are almost entirely unable to fight, they are appealing to the proven military abilities of humanity for aid.


PBC said...

Dear Anupam! Only today first time checked this blog. It is really a great idea. Many Book lover still don’t know about this blog. Continue the good work.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Parappurath said...

Dear Anupam,
You are doing a great job. Yesterday only I came across your blog. I started downloading Mandrake and Phantom comics. I am a comic lover. It was a great nostalgic feeling I got after seeing these comics again after my school and college days. I love it. Thanks a lot. Again, these books also very good work. But rapid share not allowing to download freely. Any other links available? like e-snips or media fire?
No blogs nowadays?