Monday, June 30, 2008

IJC195 - Messanger of Death (Mandrake)

Yet another unposted issue of Indrajal Comics. And this one marks the beginning of a long absence of IJCs on my blog. We all are just posting IJCs, IJCs and IJCs. Now I think I should turn my attention towards my original love 'The True Indian Comics' as I think that the love of IJCs have overshadowed love or will to post Hindi comics, Thus I can't find any single comics on any of the fellow blogs. Only the blogs which are really dedicated to Hindi comics are posting and I respect them for that.
So My next update will be 'Pinki and Miss India' - May be the English version interests the visitors of other countries, and they will have a taste of one of the greatest cartoonist of Indian Scene - Mr. Pran.
Now the blog will have a HINDI and an ENGLISH (International Characters) post in alternate...


Anonymous said...

waiting for pinki's comix eagerly

adibud34 said...

Thanks a lot for this comic, Anupam. A good one, it was! Yeah, I would love for some Pinki, Chacha Chaudhry, Billoo, Raman etc comics to be posted in the future -Pran was a great comic creator!

Prabhat's Books&Comics said...

Thanks for english version. My comp was out of order for since 30th morning. I sheduled this comics in hindi 29th to post it 1th july.

Anupam said...

@anon - My phone line was broken dead for the last 3 days, trying to post very soon the Pinki comic I talked about...

@adibud34 - Sure thing Pal, would post Pran comics too soon, the Pinki is just on the way

AmitL said...

Hi,there...that was one of my fav. Mandrake comics..tks.:)

dArA said...

Arre Anu bhai,Do ur net connectn all rite now??
at lst post any covers of old Indian comics(wid some pages,if pos'ble)!!
I liked tht last Cover post! :-)
I dono whether others had noticed,in our Diamond/Other Indian comic books,the COVER art-works were always BETTER than the inside content,allthough most of d time,artists were d same(xcept ACKs sometimes)!!May be they gave a special effort to gain more popularity(& infact COVERs plays a very important part in readers choice! ain't??)

Rana said...

Awesome blog! It's like a dream come true.
English versions will be very helpful for non-Indians.
Plz post English versions of Pran comics-if possible.

CHANDAN said...

iam just a mad follower of indrajals,Anupam.Iam sorry i didnt know about ur return.I had even mailed you.
Anyway great return and nice comics,keep it up.
Post everything in turns.

Ankush said...

kahan gaye sir?

abhijit said...

I am an avid Indrajal reader and have collected many. I have got hindi versions of the following. Would really appreciate if someone can post the english versions of these or email me at

Teen Khooni Darinde - Bahadur
Caligula Ka Shadyantra - Flash
Chalta Phirta Pret - Phantom
Khooni Giddh - Phantom
Manav Bhakshi Jalpari - Phantom
Rakshak Vetal - Phantom
Registaan mein Narsanghaar - Phantom
Safedposh Lootere - Phantom
Sunahere Phool Ka Rahasya- Phantom
Vetaal Parampara- Phantom

Anonymous said...

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