Sunday, June 29, 2008

IJC194 - Night on the Mesa

I am not sure whether it has been posted before or not...though anyway posting the issue...
(Thanks to Ajay and Vikram for the scans)
Also do let me know whether IJC195 - Messanger of Death (Phantom) has been posted or not


dArA said...

I guess you yet to check Prabhat's UPDATED Ijc On-line list which's availabe frm his blog!!

Yep,this one 1st time in net & so tht 'IJC195 - Messanger of Death'! only change:it's a MANDRAKE comic!:)

Prabhat's Books&Comics said...

Thanks for comics. According to best of my knowledge and believe you posted it first time.

Anupam said...

@Dara - I downloaded the list on 17th june, in which it was not yet posted on the net. Though in the last 7-8 days I have not searched the net for the new uploads, was busy downloading Prabhat's esnips folder of asterix and a lot of chandamama (I have downloaded 6 GBs), so I had a doubt it might have been posted in the last week.

@Prabhat - Thanks again Buddy, You are going great. Though waiting for an ACK update...

Preeti said...

Thanks for the (English)phantom comic after soooo long. This one's being posted for the first time. No.195 Messengers of death (Mandrake) also not yet posted. Looking forward to it. I had downloaded Prabhat's list and it states some comics as posted which are in Hindi altho English version not posted. Ive compiled a list of English Indrajal Phantom and Mandrake comics to be posted which I can email u if u give me ur mail ID. Thanks.

ravi gokhale said...

Dear Anupam
Can u plz use mediafire for uploads rather than rapidshare.It gives lot of trouble when ddownloading. Mediafire is much userfriendly.
Many thanks

ravi gokhale said...

Hi Anupam
Can we have Preeti's list of unposted English IJs plz.
It might encourage others to scan and post those isssues.
Ravi Gokhale