Thursday, November 8, 2007

IJC166 - The Amazing Island (Phantom)


Chandan said...

Great posts,Anupam.Iam glad for my friend,Sagnik.
Please post this one(phantom).I don't think it has been posted.
I like ur idea of displaying comics.Great.

Colonel Worobu said...


This has never been posted before. So please go ahead and post. Thanks in advance!


Rahul said...

Thanks a lot,dear Anu.Fantastic.
Mind-blowing.Give lots of love to Sonu but let your love pass onto us as well.I had got frustrated in your absence but believe you all got other things also to attend.
And plese if you can,post,as dear Sagnik bhai said,one of Mandrake either THE COBRA/146,EVIL ONES/142 or death warrant/230.Will be really very grateful.Thanks once again for fantastic Phantom episode.

COL. WEEKS said...

thanks for posting so many good indrajal comics specially PHANTOM."INDRAJALS ARE THE BEST".hindi & english both have their own taste. i really love to see an issue both in hindi & english. i wonder if you have indrajal covers of the issues no 4 & 20--another masterpiece of the artist B. GOVIND.

Anonymous said...

MARVELLOUS.thanks for posting .

Anonymous said...


Übermann said...

Thanks for this great comics... Your collection rocks!!!

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