Thursday, October 11, 2007

IJC102 - The Floating City or In the Land of the Djale (Flash Gordon)

Space travellers encounter in the floating city of Djale...
Another timeless classics from Indrajal Comics...
(Due thanks to Ajay Misra and Vikram...Thanks Buddy)


sAg_NiK said...

Man! U made my day!!!!

Today is my off-day,so with the 5th ODI n these two....It's just superb!

Many thnx,wait 4 these so long :-))

P.S.- Hey! completely make-over ur blog!!....hope now on,we wud see more frm u....I mean old Indrajals,with ur dose of other comics.... :-))

alienali said...

I just love flash gordon, can u please post the rest of the comics in the DC 9 part series. I have been waiting for them a while

Anupam said...

@Sagnik - I love to post indrajals myself. But you guys are already doing great jobs, so I concentrated on the other rare comics and I am proud that I am succeeding in that...

Anyway enjoy the comics, for the match - I don't watch but I heard the 'BLUE BILLION TEAM INDIA' has once again lost...

@alienali - I forgot all about it man. Thanks for reminding. gonna put the part 4 today...and rest very soon...


Rahul said...

Mind blowing stuff.The TellTale Doll was one of my choices on MTM.
I guess Iam lucky to have met 2 friends--AA and MTM.
Even the Floating City is nice.
How can I thank you?
All I can say is GOD BLESS YOU.

I proudly demand Phantom--
The Mystery of the Rattle--Issue no.14
THE PLAYMATE--Issue no.8
THE DIAMOND CUP--Issue no.16
THE GIRLS--Issue no.30
I know its a tough ask,its easy for me to sit here and demand, but believe me ,we all will be luckiest to view those ,comics--where people will go miles to view or read.
Thanks.Just hoping that you have those.Otherwise also you have given us plenty to cheer about.
Come on folks,we ought to see more and more comments on this blog.Anupam deserves it.

sAg_NiK said...

Hi Anupam,
Dont worry! For Indrajal,it's MORE the MERRIER!!! ;-)

So,plse don think what others doin'....u just continue this 'project':-))

Anupam said...

Dear Rahul,

Once again a great thanks for the greatest admiration.

Put the 08 Playmate today. Rest I will put as soon as I will get the time. Though I don't have the issue no. 16 - The Diamond Cup. Rest two will be posted soon...

@Sagnik - I will try to post Indrajal at regular pace...

Rahul said...

Take your time.I forgot to mention ,I like the new look of your blog--even more colourful.
Great effort.

pranab said...

Anupam, buddy, what you have given birth to and sustained, like any diehard Phantom fan, I owe you a debt of gratitude.
I would like to see Phantom issue No 3 ie THE CHALLENGE OF THE CANNIBALS & THE DIAMOND CUP( ISSUE 16).