Sunday, October 21, 2007

IJC030 - The Girls (Phantom)

Went out yesterday, and just returned one hour ago. 20 minutes before turned my computer and net on, and overwhelmed to see a lot of comments. THANKS BUDDIES...

Though a little tired I thought to atleast post a long pending request from Rahul...


Anonymous said...

Hi guys
I must share this with you.
My son who is a teenager found out that i have been accessing Phantom blogs and downloading comics. He said 2me dad, thats illegal. u r downloading stuff illegally. Who is Phantom anyway. Is it the same guy from that BillyZane movie you bought at Virgi store in London. You went ahead and bought the DVD on ebay as well.Mum says you never forgave your elder brother for trading your old comics to the paper merchant for pittance. I said to my son what do u think and gave him some of the comics I downloaded courtsey of you guys.We hardly had time to discuss the issue again for a couple of weeks or so. But today he confronted me. Dad you have found your childhood havent you? Mum says u r re living your kiddy days since you have found your child hood hero again. He said he read a few phantoms but didnt quite fancy it as much as things have moved on.It is true for some reasons Phantom is not that popular in England as it is in India, Australia or US. Very few people know of the existance of GhostWhoWalks here in UK. It is strange how the tastes are so different every where. I think India and Australia remain the biggest phantom phans across the globe.May be we share the same psyche.
Thanks to you all for hoisting the Phantom Phlag and keep it phlying.
Dr Ravindra Gokhale

Anupam said...

Dear Sir,
The Phantom, is not really as popular as some of the other characters like Superman or Spidy or so..., but he is something that I like to read. Though not a complex or extra-ordinary stories, I found it simple yet entertaining.

And i know how good the dose of nostalgia feels. I have that same fancy for Pinky, Billoo, Ram-Rahim, Crookbond and most strongly for Dhruv.

My comic collection has also been sold to 'Scrapper', though it felt bad, I am purchasing as much as of my childhood comics, having stocked about 1800 comics so far, and still I am after them...

About the PIRACY, I agree. But there is no other means to preserve it for long. We have to do atleast to keep the great comics treasure being lost. And lastly, none of us have the reach to all the international comics, neither can we afford.