Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Flash Gordon - Part 9 of the 9 Part Maxi-Series

Brief Introduction -
In 1988, DC Comics produced a modernized version of the comic strip. It featured Flash as washed up basketball player who finds new purpose in life on Mongo, Dale as an adventurous reporter who is just as capable as Flash, and a gray-skinned Ming who is less of an Asian stereotype.
The series ran for a planned nine issues and was left with an open-ended conclusion, probably in hopes that it would have been popular enough to start a regular comic run. Though Mongo was not a threat to Earth in this series, Ming had every intention of conquering Earth once he coerced Dr. Zarkov into designing the needed ships.

Story and Pencils - Dan Jurgens
Inks - Bruce Patterson

Final part of this Most Exciting Tales of Flash Gordon -
Click here to download the rest of the 8 Parts (01-08) to complete the series -


Rahul said...

Hi,Anu.Hope you will post Phantom comics next.
thanks for a fantastic Flash series and Phantom/Mandrake comics.

Chandan said...

Dear Anupam,great comics,nice scans.thanks.
By the way do you have any Manoj comics?
About INDRAJALS,I would like to see no 136--CRUEL CONSPIRACY/PHANTOM.Do you have it?

sAg_NiK said...

Hi Anu,
I recently visited KlatuuB's blog n amazed by his varity of collectn! :-)

U also mentioned him as a contributor of rarest stuffs like JUdy/DEbbie etc ...... can u ask him,whether he has Cheryl Blossom comics??
P.S.- I recently get a binded form of FOUR Cheryl-Archie Mag.(paper) with other Archie/JUghead stuffs. :-))

Rahul said...

Hey,Anu,where are you?
Didn't comment for quite some time.

Chandan said...

Come on, DearAnupam,where are u?
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sAg_NiK said...

where r u??
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Rahul said...

Hi,Anu.Missing for some time.
Please don't disappoint us this at least one of the following:

Chnadan said...

Anu,u disappoint me.No news for 4 long days.Comments are also stagnant at 4.Come on yaar.

Kit Walker said...

Hi! How are you?
How's life?
Just dropped (oops! blogged ;-)) in to say hello!

sAg_NiK said...

Where r u??

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Chandan said...

Anu,is everything OK?
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Anupam said...

Dear Rahul, Sagnik, Chandan

Sorry for the delay. Explained everything in the post...

To compensate the gap, Here are two great Indrajals posted...