Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Navi,

Welcome Navi to the blog,

Thanks for joining and contributing to the blog. When I made the blog, I wanted to give the visitors not bulky but rare and un-common comical entertainment. Thats why I have never posted any Spiderman or Superman comics which are to be found in almost every comic blogs - instead I prefered Archies, Popeye, Henry and our own Indian Comics. Hope to see the great new materials continue...

Again, welcome aboard.....

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Maruf said...

Anupam - You are doing a great job with this Blog. It would be great if you could Post Tinkle comics and other Amar Chitra katha Digests. I am a great fan of Tinkle and have'nt been able to find any soft-copy on the internet.
Keep up the good work.