Monday, July 2, 2007

Carl Anderson's HENRY #25 (1952)

Almost all of us must have read HENRY in as pinup in some comics (as in Indrajal), or in the newspaper, But most of us really don't know that he had a comic series of his own published by Dell Comics.

Here is the 25th (SILVER ISSUE) of HENRY. Hope this is a new treat for all the HENRY lovers. Do send your comments if you want more of HIM.

Title - Carl Anderson's HENRY
Volume 01 - Issue 25
May-June 1952
Dell Publishing Co. Inc., USA


B.S.Navin said...

Cool man!!! I had totally forgotten Henry - although he used to be one of my favourites once upon a time.

Thank you very much for bringing him back :-))

Comic Guy said...

Henry a.k.a "Gunakar" was/is one of my favorite character featured in Indrajal Comics,it would be nice to see more of his comics.Do post more of him pal.