Saturday, June 30, 2007

Harvey Hits #12 - Phantom

The Mystery of the Scarlet Sorceress
Harvey Comics (August 1958)

The Legendary Harvey Comics (the publishers of Richie Rich, Casper the Friendly Ghost and other great loveable characters' comics loved by millions of family) once went out of the family and fun path, and delivered a tribute to the admirable action hero - The Phantom

This is one of the rarest comics of phantom. It took me days to get this one. I hope you all will like this exclusive Phantom Title


Comic Guy said...

Good shot bros.."Der Aaye Per Durust Aaye",was missing your post from few days.

Colonel Worobu said...

Good comic Anu! Thank you so much for scanning these.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

Great post.. keep it up

Work said...

is there a page missing towards the end.. ???

thank you